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Development of new energy power solar thermal power generation ready trillion flowing

    New solar thermal energy power generation industry was out in the cold, are now trying to head to catch up. However, just start light and heat industry has hidden mystery.

    When the domestic wind power and photovoltaic power generation turbulent time, light and heat generation near-forgotten. But history of the pointer to 2011, everything began to change. With the beginning of the project in Inner Mongolia 50 MW solar trough the opening, solar thermal power industry began to ready made power.


Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province will be landing

    Danyang City and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) jointly launched the "Japan Auto Parts SME clusters" based Danyang Japanese Auto Parts Industrial Park, the park will be put into operation in November this year.


Applications: electrostatic induction cable troubleshooting

    Electrostatic induction perimeter of a very sensitive detector sensors. To ensure proper use of the system, give full play to its functions, be sure to install the officers before the construction project carefully read the product instructions for use, determine the fault detection prior to double-check the cable, ground wire,ratchet tie dowm power lines, whether the product that installed correctly, and then power for 5 minutes after test:


Residents of many provinces increased tariff protection limit of high energy electric power

      June 1, the 15 provincial non-residential use of electricity price increases, electricity price increase is 2 points, while the sales price is 1.67. Development and Reform Commission also made a statement,ratchet tie dowm DSM work to do to ensure that residents living in key areas of electricity, never allow the pull limit of residential electricity consumption; strict compliance projects and excessive expansion of the power of high energy consumption enterprises , Yajian unreasonable demand, promote structural adjustment and development patterns.


Lyme electronic power supply system by the UPS and its "customer satisfaction brand " Award

     Recently, Lyme Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. in 2011 and its seventh UPS power supply system in the user satisfaction survey won the "Customer Satisfaction Brand"award. The theme of the meeting: energy safe, reliable, sustainable path to victory, the meeting, China Computer Users Association, Beijing Institute of Electronics and Power Institute of China led the Committee of Experts, Ministry of Information Industry and Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department leadership and so on the UPS Industry, ratchet tie dowm electronic information industry and energy saving analysis carried out in simple terms, and awarded the trophy for the winners.


Phone for business or things will usher in the explosive growth

    Mobile phone can do remote control. Ai Media network before the phone was held in Guangzhou of things business conference, a reporter at the scene witnessed this scene: iPhone by operating a mobile phone, toys, small plane circling in the air, and the ability to issue different commands based on the phone to complete the a variety of difficult moves.


Increase the proportion of natural energy power generation at long-term plan to shorten the 10-year energy

    Gifu Prefecture in Japan, there is a large-scale called Solar Ark solar power generation facilities, the annual power generation of about 530,000 kwh.

    Paris time on May 25 afternoon, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the 50th anniversary ceremony, said in a speech by Fukushima nuclear accident of the first nuclear power ratchet tie dowm plant in Japan will adjust energy policy, through bold innovations plan early in the 21st century, 20 years will be solar, wind and other natural energy accounts for the proportion of total electricity generation to 20%. To achieve this goal,booster cables Japan, the cost of solar power generation in 2020 decreased to 1 / 3, 2030 decreased to 1 / 6.


Radial drill drag the control requirements and electrical characteristics

     A. Radial drill more moving parts, in order to simplify the transmission, using multiple motor drag. For example, radial drilling machine Z3040-type motor drag by 4, they are the spindle motor, arm lift motor, hydraulic pump motor and cooling pump motor, these motors are started direct way.


Chint Cup "of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest launched

     Intelligent and efficient electrical innovation

    - "Chint Cup" of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest launched

    By the mechanic media ? magazine sponsored the age of electricity, the Chinese core journal "Electrical Applications" editorial contractor, Zhejiang Chint Electric Co., Ltd. exclusive title sponsorship of the "Chint Cup" of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest in May 2011 Beijing announced the official launch, this essay contest as "intelligent and efficient electrical innovation" as its theme, to the domestic and international focus on energy efficiency and smart business people who built a platform for mutual exchange and learn from.


"Red China" into a sparkling Italian Esso Photovoltaic Exhibition highlights the inverter

    May is the season of red, warm and well-known to the world the most times Verona, Italy, the focus of the world's solar industry. Italy's largest and Europe's third-largest international exhibition of professional solar energy - Solar Energy Exhibition in Verona, Italy, May 4, 2011 -6 full bloom at the Verona, Italy. As the leader in low power inverter business - New Energy Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Esso The strong attack, the Italian show gains in this fruitful results significantly.


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