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China's Eleventh Five-Year Review of Industrial Vehicles Industry Outlook second five

    China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Vehicles Branch of the Secretary-General Zhang Jie: Review of Eleventh Five-Year Outlook twelve five.

    China's industrial vehicle industry after 50 years of development, especially since the beginning of this century, growing rapidly into a "golden development period" significantly improved the development environment, the rapid growth of production scale, product type, the initial changes occur, the product significantly improved the stability of quality of service is improving. 10 years sales of 25,603 units in 2001 soared to 232,409 units in 2010 to realize the huge leap in production and sales. 2010 is the "Eleventh Five-Year" last year, creating a full-year sales of 232,409 units, domestic sales of 193,531 units of the historical record, but the Chinese market has sold more than a quarter of total sales in the world. At present, China has become the world's industrial vehicle manufacturing and sales of power,ratchet tie dowm especially after 2009, China has become the world's largest producer of industrial vehicles and the sales market, rapidly rising international status.


Shanghai Rail Line 1 year to pay the fire alarm system update

    According to "the Oriental Morning Post" reported that the longest rail line to pay the 1st time 18 years old to use the fire alarm system, will be completed this year transformation.

    Recently, Shen Tong Group revealed that line 1 has been completed Xinzhuang, Outer Ring Road, Lianhua Road, Shanghai South Railway Station, Caobao the transformation of 11 work stations, the Shanghai Railway Station, People's Square, Huangpi, Shaanxi South Road, Jinjiang Park , Meilong parking lot six stations are transforming.


Good News Snapshots: integration into the community, close to the demand

    Innovation has always been that science should be the first based on social and human needs good information Phenom Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing recently because the market will soon be listed by the widespread concern in society.


Focus on user needs to create a digital home service model Changhong

    "You look at the TV is it? Phone is used to fight it?

     Home is to live it? "Recently, Changhong" digital home / Intelligent Community "Seminar on Technology and demand held in Mianyang, the participants of the consumer representatives who met with experts in the field when the three issues thrown, surprised a moment, but after reading a on digital home video, ratchet tie dowm doubts Dunxiao, have lamented, "is subversive, original life can be so ... ..."


Denise Denton harvest water heater warranty 6 "scrap of paper"

    Liu, who lives east of the river area Fumin aunt, 5 years ago bought a Denise Denton water heater. Just last night, went for her turn to go home and found a leaking water heater, whole house water over the floor. Originally thought that the commitment by the warranty, you can repair water heaters. Who become like, the original commitment to really become a dead letter.


Zhejiang Taizhou in the first quarter imports of machinery and electronic products grew 45%

    Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine, according to statistics, in the first quarter, total imports of machinery and electronic products in Taizhou 118 grant, the value of $ 28,320,000, an increase of 45% of the value of the product mainly for the processing center and equipment and other production machinery.


Integration of the United States Xinhua released overseas marketing system program

    Midea Group has announced its second-largest within the industry group the Consumer Appliance Group --- United States and overseas marketing system integrated program: The Division's major functions of a unified integration of overseas marketing, international marketing set up by region, cause Department and Division of ASEAN. Integrated part of the same product line, the new clean and healthy appliance division.


Hao mysterious medicine shareholders adjourned surprise star shares the wealth myth

    Transfer of the three board business success, wealth carp myth of the dragon flies Serve reality.

    Snapshots of good information, including account, there are five business success among the three panels A shares, making its shareholders rich gluttonous feast, naturally, are looking forward to endless successors.

Hunan substation cable caused a truck hung up 8 days power shortage throughout the city

    A substation outside the truck accidentally hang up a communications cable, resulting in a main transformer was burned out, the supply of urban and rural areas spread throughout the Xiangxiang, the city had limited emergency power. Today, more than a week later, the daily electricity load gap Xiangxiang still more than 30,000 kilowatts.


The first quarter of 2011 economic performance of the equipment industry

    The first quarter of 2011, equipped with industrial added value increased 17.8%, down 7.9 percentage points year on year, compared with the fourth quarter of 2010 slowed 0.1 percentage points.

   Among them, the general, special equipment, year on year growth of 21.8% and 24.4%, instrumentation and cultural office equipment and electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry increased by 17.6% and 17.7%, transportation equipment manufacturing industry increased by 14.1%. The first two months, mechanical industry realized profits of 139 billion yuan, an increase of 30%, of which a profit of 56.6 billion automotive industry, an increase of 16.7%; corporate loss of 16.5%, enterprises suffered losses totaling 14.4 billion yuan,ratchet tie dowm an increase of 19.9%.


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