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Hardware & Electrical Lighting Zhuzhou area to carry out a special inspection of law enforcement

    Further standardize the market economic order, combating violations of intellectual property and selling counterfeit and shoddy products, business practices, April 12, Zhuzhou Intellectual Property Office Intellectual Property Office and the Shifeng joint action on the Zhuzhou Mall (Hardware & Electrical large market) special law enforcement inspection of patent.


Yu Zhengsheng visit to Germany to visit Bayer, Evonik and other enterprises

    April 14 (local time), German President Wulff presidential palace in Berlin, met with Jia Qinglin, Shanghai Party Secretary Yu, the two sides had a friendly conversation.

    Yu Zhengsheng said that German companies in recent years, growing business in China, many companies have chosen to set up regional headquarters in Shanghai to speed up the process of establishing R & D or technology center. Believe that the future bilateral cooperation will be in Shanghai, "second Five-Year" plan to create better results under the framework. He was actively involved in the Shanghai World Expo in Germany thanks. Wulff said the president, German-Chinese relations are now in a good period of development, he hoped that both sides work together to further expand areas of cooperation between the two countries, ratchet tie dowm including the development of new energy and new materials utilization in the global economy recovers the case of joint development .


Hardware knowledge: to teach you how to identify the cable and traditional copper alloy

    Aluminum cable (referred to as: alloy cable) different from traditional copper cable, this cable with high elongation aluminum alloy materials, aluminum and other materials by adding iron, and pressed through a special process and stranded annealing, the aluminum alloy in the gap 'crush' clean and reduce the cross-sectional area of ??the cable has good flexibility.


Lay Solid Long Wave: Dongguan Auto Parts City fire case reveals loopholes in management

    International Auto Parts businesses in Dongguan City fire, 58 shops spared, the loss of billions of dollars. Cause of the fire has not yet "get to the bottom", although the fire destroyed, but lit up the city and the major automotive products businesses, "Firelight," the feelings of shock, but more vigilance and peer reflection ... ...


300 billion industry leading international standard AIA surprised scale

    Will be held in Guangzhou in June this year, the world's largest LED Exhibition; "second five" Guangdong LED scale of the industry will break 300 billion; build the world's largest packaging center and production base.


Annual performance by the organization as a whole gains across the board favored field appliance plate

    As of April 11, 2011 Annual Report of Household Appliance basic baked finished.

    Read the Annual Report is not difficult to find, 2010, in home appliances, and energy subsidies, trade-in a series of policies to continue "to force", the white goods good performance of listed companies in the collective gains across the board, especially the performance of the leading Annual Reports very bright, and black appliances listed company's annual report is little worry, a mixed blessing; small appliances to high-growth, but increased differentiation; home appliance chain development does not change the sound character, develop stable.


Natural Gas Pipeline of equipment to achieve breakthrough

    A second switch 84, one minute high 5040 rpm speed, explosion-proof operation frequency of 20 MW high-speed synchronous motor frequency control explosion in Shanghai Electric Group Shanghai Electric Machinery Works Co., Ltd. recently successfully developed to achieve our domestic Natural Gas Pipeline's first sets of key equipment breakthroughs.


Oriental steel annealing and pickling electrical installation project is completed

    April 10, China Metallurgical Group has completed the nineteenth steel annealing and pickling Oriental electrical installation projects.

    Nineteenth China Metallurgical Group in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Orient constructed of stainless steel annealing and pickling steel engineering electrical installation started on March 31, the installation progress in severe civil and steel structure behind the case, ensure quality, security progress, creating effective, stainless steel annealing and pickling Orient all members of the project department of one mind, the way in overcoming the poor, the weather turns warm again, lack of strength construction and many other difficult circumstances, overtime, three days will Churu Kou two Dianqishinei more than 170 surface enclosure,ratchet tie dowm 13 transformer all in place by the owners and the supervision of praise.


Shandong and Shanxi Shanxi in steelmaking coal to the steel field could repeat the story

    National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of the persons concerned in the "2011 China's steel Planning Forum", said the country is the preparation and implementation of the 18 national key special planning.

Power generation equipment industry, there are seven major expectations of the domestic machine tool

    "To meet the power generation equipment industry needs, in addition to gradually increase domestic CNC machine tools in the trust, machine tool industry should also further improve the efficiency, accuracy, and gradually overcome the numerical control system and other weak links." Chinese Academy of Engineering Liang Weiyan recently on China Industry News reporter stressed said.


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