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Domestic challenges the concept of mobile phone technology is not difficult to model difficult to iPhone


    Tian Fei, 31 years old, Master of Design. Focus on digital products, brands and integrated media experience design.

    Linephone concept phone designs, including GE Edison Award for Asia Pacific Awards 07 images and process design, NOKIA celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Chinese Academy of site design and image, "Hello beautiful" booster cables brand image design, and many other projects to upgrade.


Beijing spring of your first pressure, such as oil sand dust suppression benefit

   Beijing 1 April 2011, at noon usher in Year of the Rabbit in the first spring rain, the drought this spring in Beijing to be said for the hungry to play the role of the earth. However, many people have rumored, rain is flying over the sea of ??Japan Radiation Radiation rain. But actually not.


Japanese high-tech growth in part by lower automotive electronics industry

    The economic impact caused by the earthquake in Japan, has spread to China's automobile, electronics and other industries closely associated with Japan. In the automotive sector, the impact of the earthquake has been the first Japanese import single vehicle to the entire automotive field.


Interrelated water mist fire extinguishing system to understand the mechanism of

    A brief introduction of water mist: "mist" (watermist) is relative to the "Water Spray" (waterspray) concept, the so-called water mist, is the use of a special nozzle, the water produced by high pressure water jet particles.


Electrical fire extinguishing system on the cost of several


    Electricity, give us a comfortable life electrification, but if used improperly, "electric tiger" will bite, in addition to electric shock accidents occur, the reasons such as electrical appliances caused by improper use of electrical fires are very common. In recent years, the national upward trend in the number of fire accidents. From the eighties of last century, various types of electrical fire the fire will become a "hero." For information, to 1999, electrical fire occurred 10 years ago than doubled, up to 1 million times, accounting for various types of fire more than 30%. By 2002, accounted for 35% of various types of fire above; more prominent in recent years. Cause of the fire in the rural areas, the second electrical line;ratchet tie dowm the cause of the fire in the city, the electrical were ranked in the first place. Incidence of major multiple electrical fire in the generator room, transformer substation, power distribution room, computer room, program-controlled switchboard room and other places, the fire fighting more difficult and brings new issues, rational use of automatic fire extinguishing system, fire protection of these places, Fire company's products are both competitive, but also our fire management audit checks of major responsibility.


No layer of flexible plate-to-market more environmentally friendly and more economical

    In the traditional process, the laminated board by adhesive to glue between the layers, but once the adhesive between the layers will result from the failure, leading to premature failure of products, and adhesive failure is often due to meet high temperature, humidity or chemicals.


Express superconducting years to catch the smart grid growth can be ten times

    To catch the express train smart grid construction superconducting "times ten" growth can be expected.

    With the smart grid to write "second Five-Year" plan, strategic emerging industries in the State's position gradually appear. National Grid in accordance with the relevant plan, from 2011 to 2015, the smart grid will be in the transmission, substation, power distribution, telecommunications and other aspects of the seven entered the construction phase.


Shanghai design and manufacture of a good environment when the new dry-type spray booth

    March 29, 2011, the Shanghai News - Recently, Shanghai good success when the machinery Graco GRACO a Shanghai company design and manufacture of dry-type spray booth environment.
    This environment-friendly paint dry room for a gas type, the top air flow system, both through the plenum, all flow into the interface with wind speed, air supply air supply taken from a part of the outdoors, a part taken from interior, respectively, by multi-leaf valve control; as regular cleaning of user-friendly paint mist filtration system, automatic alarm device for this device, the signal exceeds a set value, the alarm automatically to remind users to regularly clean up; another painting the whole room with explosion-proof electrical equipment,ratchet tie dowm electrical to ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment. This painting has the structure of simple laboratory equipment, decontamination rate of 99%, low operation cost.


Jingdezhen: to increase private enterprise and opening up of ceramic

    Jingdezhen City Ceramic High-tech Zone's development is inseparable, inseparable from the thousands of ceramic culture. 30 years of reform and opening up, especially after the state-owned enterprise reform ceramics, ceramics enterprises and workshops spread, more concentrated there Fanjia well, the old factory, Shaoji dock and other places, there is the original plant to start hiring, there are villages in the urban fringe in the lease plant plot development.


5.0 billion to be built in Zhuhai smart grid investment and manufacturing base

   High-tech Zone, Zhuhai, 24, said head, Zhuhai City, in whose 5.0 billion investment in high-tech zones, construction area of ??1,000 acres of Zhuhai smart grid (low-carbon equipment) Industrial Park, with 5 years to cover the lose change into electricity distribution, electricity, dispatching automation, telecommunications and other sectors of the industry chain of smart grid products manufacturing base.


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