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Analysis of 2011 development trend of power generation equipment industry

   REVIEW: through 2010, many businesses have in the recovery after the financial crisis to produce a satisfactory report card, power generation equipment manufacturing industry has gone through a sustained and steady development of the year.


Spread the concept of smart grid series of high power unit

     Five with Yang, yesterday received the green the market weakness, stocks subject to the policy has continued to help strengthen, James "smart grid" concept stocks more innovative high.

    Industry sources said that in the context of structural adjustment, power industries as a basis for the reorganization of assets throughout the year to become the subject of the concept of investment opportunities,booster cables star power yesterday, Experian electrical and other high points on the probe after another, yesterday's intraday record Wenshan Electric Power a new high, too, with five out of the sun.

LED lamps in automotive applications

    As essential to the safety of motor cars and parts, auto lamps in automotive active safety is crucial. The late 80's with high-brightness light emitting diode technologies emerge, LED exterior lighting applications in the car as possible.


Machine tools in China in 2010 face a "quality gate" dilemma

   Product quality is the lifeline of good or bad, it relates to business survival and development.

    2010 is the development of China's machine tool industry, an important one, is to wrap up Eleventh Five-year, booster cables but the machine tool industry was seen on product quality problems, as we have sounded the alarm. Should arouse the attention of machine tool companies, hoping to get second five-year greatly improved. So we have quality products machine case.


Ushered in the four core factors driving the golden age of automation

   Industrial control equipment industry in China has been restricting the bottleneck as well as product upgrades, only the sophisticated industrial control possible to achieve high-end equipment. The sophisticated, high-end, control,booster cables power electronics has always been China's weakness. IPC is the "power equipment" to "power equipment", "manufacturing center" to "design center" the only way.


Shanghai Electric Group and Siemens form joint venture wind power

    According to media reports, after two years of difficult negotiations, Shanghai Electric (601727) Group recently reached an agreement with Siemens, which together with the Siemens wind power to form a joint venture company, its products are mainly for the Chinese market.


Global Biotechnology equipment will reach 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2015

    Introduction: global industry analyst firm (GlobalIndustryAnalystsInc., GIA) recently released a comprehensive global biotechnology instrumentation market report. Report, the global biotechnology instrumentation market in 2015 is expected to reach 5.8 billion.


Twelve Five: China's power industry will be "green harmony" into the

    Although energy conservation has made remarkable achievements, but the existence of some objective factors make China's power industry faces the enormous challenge of greenhouse gas emissions, the road is still long way to go green and harmonious. "Twelve Five" period, the change in power mode of development,booster cables improve the quality of development will be China's power industry energy conservation, climate change strategic task.


GMP materials of small volume injection system design

    In pharmaceutical production, the elimination of active components of cross-contamination, remove foreign matter, particulate matter, reduce or eliminate microorganisms and pyrogens on the injection of pollution, booster cables to ensure product quality and safety is extremely important; the injection of materials for production process , the material system cleaning methods can be divided into three modes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.


Beijing Xicheng thorough investigation of the 14 rental safety rectification fires

    To further improve the ground floor rental area, Xicheng District Baizhifang fire safety work, to detect and eliminate fire hazards, prevention and containment of major fire accidents.
    February 21,booster cables the second detachment led by the West Side, neighborhood organizations Baizhifang Comprehensive Management Office, Safety Office, the territorial police station, urban management unit on the ground floor rental area to conduct joint fire safety inspection blitz.


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