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PTC with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering Teaching Model hand in hand

    May 11, 2010, "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center opening ceremony held at the Beijing Construction Engineering College, PTC PTC University, vice president of the company have PAN following, PTC Senior Director, Asia Pacific Education Gregory Bachman Sisk and other senior PTC .

The rise of smart home industry and the development outlook

    Smart home, or smart house to house as a platform, both buildings, network communications, information appliances, equipment, automation, collection system, structure, service and management as one of the efficient,booster cables comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment.

Into a battery electric car is far from simple engine


    Green electric vehicles to bring the dream of mankind is obvious that free from dependence on fossil fuels, booster cables but does not produce emissions of transport, in theory, be called "the most environmentally friendly" means of transport. This is the man to do more than a century, has not yet achieved the dream.


Residential Fire Cause Analysis and Countermeasures Probe

    With economic development, land resources, the growing shortage of residential housing is no longer the original single-layer or multi-storey buildings, residential high-rise buildings has become the main choice, combined with high-end residential home decoration, household appliances and household transport tools increases, booster cables gas, gas, natural gas and other tools of modern life more and more people into the family, they continue to provide convenient, but also to the highly civilized society disaster.

Implementation of electrical and electronic products in India EU green directive

    India's Ministry of Environment and Forests issued to the public consultation on the electrical and electronic products to be 20 kinds of harmful substances in the limit.
    India's new regulations will be followed by the EU WEEE Directive and RoHS directive requires producers to take effect in the regulations listed in Schedule 3 years to comply with a series of restrictions on hazardous substances, booster cables product information brochure also must provide "detailed" the harmful ingredients information. In addition to not including lighting equipment, other types of equipment covered by the WEEE directive and the EU are the same.


Automatic fire alarm system inspection, maintenance

    First, the system checks (usually checking).

    (A) visual inspection.

    1. Check all equipment (such as the detector base, terminal box, manual button and the alarm controller, etc.) have all been installed wiring, wiring in place.


Spend 600 million yuan in Jiangsu's first mall built in the city-style Hardware & Electrical

   Spend 600 million yuan, Jiangsu's first mall-style metal electrical professional big market, across the board to introduce "business model Yongkang", Zhenjiang only a "mall-style management and market operation,booster cables " the professional market, the overall construction has been basically completed ... ... June 30 Dingmao in Zhenjiang City, central business district the perfect present.


Make investment income with the "rest" dance

    May's CPI data is expected, consumer price index in May rose 3.1%, more than 3% of the cordon, a record high of 19 months. At present, one-year deposit interest rate commercial banks is 2.25%, compared with the CPI index is equivalent to shrink by 85 basis points.

Effective depth of interpretation "supermarket chain" model

    Effective tool to always give us surprises, recently launched the "hardware. Appliances. Commodity supermarket chain" concept and planning, this one, amazed the world, attracting attention from all sides.
    The effective hit the "create a brand to create a boss from the" slogan, plans to build 5,000 national chain stores, the achievements of 5,000 entrepreneurs in the country, "the boss dream.booster cables " 2009 has been launched effective electrical "supermarket chain" model, the early results. What is a "supermarket" model, what prompted the initiation of the concept of effective, any special, with the mode of propulsion, lift the veil, that layer of mystery gradually retire.


New era of electric vehicles created new opportunities leads the way

    Make electric vehicles a reality, innovative approaches need to put into three levels: government, individual enterprises and whole value chain.

    Imagine,booster cables in 2020, was driving your own electric car to a health club, figured the way to his car battery. When you drive into the charging station, the car navigation system will guide you towards the desired location directly. battery clip You park the car in the charge position, press the display on the "start charging" button, went straight to the gym for an hour of fitness. To get the vehicles back, you do not deal with those pesky payment process, because the charge has been included in your cost of electricity services programs.


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