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Welding machine manufacturers how to deal with cost pressures

    National Development and Reform Commission and the recent sharp increase in the price of electricity and refined oil prices, these factors will undoubtedly increase the cost of production of welding equipment. booster cables However, according to report, sales price does not rise.


Disagreement steel export tax rebate all canceled a stay of execution

    Although the "steel tax rebate" will be the abolition of all the recent news of a very wide spread, but the reporter to know the latest news is that the views of all parties can not be unified,booster cables tax rebate adjustment was eventually suspended the decision.


Expert Weapon Furniture Hardware how to distinguish between domestic and imported

    Hardware is very critical of modern furniture components, do not look small size, it can decide to some extent, the function and service life of furniture.
   booster cables Now on the market of domestic and imported hardware accessories Hardware huge difference in price, but there is a certain gap between the use of effects, some number of js on the often-made hardware accessories to impersonate imported hardware accessories, to reap huge profits,battery clip then the consumer as non-professionals, how to to protect their own interests? Experts suggest that consumers can judge by the following three ways hardware is really the "import."


Hardware & Electrical investors locked in Dongguan, "check out tide"

    In recent days, Dongguan some real estate owners are developers to "make up the difference" and "check out" phenomenon not only did not break, has become even more recently in South City real estate, "Perrier is still the city" booster cables also on the show "jumped" farce. And Beijing is even more of a media "prices fell 50% in Dongguan, Shenzhen Buzz Check out real estate group wave" battery clip in the title hype.

Xi admitted by metal industry usher in significant business opportunities in Wuhan

    For three consecutive years to participate in the China International Hardware Show, Wuhan metal boss Li Shiping ate three cold shoulder. booster cables Yesterday, the first time in 8 years to show Han breeze and warm invitation to his banquet business, including hundreds of hardware. Xi admitted by, as a guest today, after the largest show the former arrogant Christine,battery clip let Li Shiping rather surprised.


When construction of the radiator sanitary ware such as hardware installation

    Radiator: radiator should be smooth vertical and horizontal lines, safety equipment should also be suppressed than testing the product inspection process to pressure the regulator to play eight more than 10 minutes to pass,booster cables so as to ensure no leakage risks.


Home improvements: multi-purpose wooden kitchen door aluminum door multiple choice

    Miss Li said members of the public, her first time to buy a house renovation, no other to do the door to developers with a relatively poor installation of the door. Now of course hope for house decoration and practical and beautiful. Heard people say let the door home improvement company to do the scene the door to buy more than beautiful, booster cables more harmonious with the overall style of decoration.


Do you know how to choose the right power automatic door locks do

    As the automatic doors more and more applications, many users of the automatic door locks power put forward new requirements. booster cables Matching and use in some small talk about the proposal to facilitate new entrants to the automatic door installers understanding.


Domestic and international market development of non-bearing motor Talking

    Institute of Electrical and Information Engineering, Jiangsu University, Huang-Qiu Zhu and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich with Professor J. Hugel successfully developed the world's first non-bearing power of 4kW permanent magnet slice motor industry prototype.


Rapid growth of high-end bearings in Zhejiang locked cluster

    Changshan county first seven (expanded) session: to the industry as the main direction of the high-end, stronger bearings industry. booster cables Leading Enterprises to support world-class pursuit of the goal to accelerate the upgrading of middle and low product step by step to the development of high-precision bearings designed especially to establish the status of high-end value chain.


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