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Discern friend and foe: the primary marketing strategy to solve the problem

    "Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This issue is the most important issue the revolution." This is Mao Zedong in the "all classes of Chinese society,"booster cables begins with that first sentence. Mao Zedong in 1925 wrote on the article,battery clip directly after the 20 years of the Chinese revolution to the "encircling the cities" and laid the ideological foundation for the strategic roads.


Fujian Shishi: clothing lost Russian product certification have changed

    Office of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Fujian Shishi has learned,booster cables  according to Russian official announcement, from July 1, 2010,battery clip  the electrical and electronic contact with food products will no longer need to apply for health certification and replace it with the Russian government's registration certificate,tow rope  July 1 has been issued by a health certificate can be used January 1, 2012.


BASF developed a new high-strength flexible foam

    Since the 1952 invention of Styropor ? (EPS: expandable polystyrene), the BASF foam in the field of polymer continued to write a successful chapter: the development of the extrusion polystyrene rigid foam board Styrodur ? (XPS) high-strength flexible polyolefin series Neopolen ?booster cables , melamine foam Basotect ? and insulation upgrade to EPS Neopor ?.

Plastic cover parts of automobile parts and huge development potential

    Automotive industry has become the most promising composite materials in the future one of the areas downstream.booster cables  At present, both developed and developing countries, battery clip engineering plastics have been widely used in cars, the vehicles involved in a commercial vehicle, passenger cars, construction vehicles,tow rope  agricultural vehicles, motor vehicles and recreational vehicles, motorcycles, ratchet tie dowm military vehicles and almost all vehicles.

The first half of 2010, machine tool, construction machinery and other profit doubled

 Engineering machinery, machine tools profit doubled. First half of the construction machinery market achieved revenues of 82.182 billion yuan, up 68.17%, achieved net profit of 9.455 billion yuan,booster cables  up 122.74 percent; ROE 17.31%, up to 109.6%.

Song and dance entertainment fire hazards exist and countermeasures

Since the people's living standards rising, song and dance entertainment as mushrooming all over the urban and rural areas, these places bring pleasure to people in the same time, also brought a huge fire hazard.According to statistics, in recent years, the national song and dance entertainment fire situation is very serious, Qunsiqunshang fires have occurred, causing a large number of casualties and huge property losses caused by the people singing and dancing entertainment fire safety seriously.I work in conjunction with their practice, singing and dancing entertainment hidden problems existing research and analysis, and proposed countermeasures.

the overall level of China's hardware industry upgrading

The establishment of base metal industry, metal industry is a major undertaking. With the rise of China's hardware industry, the past 10 years, China National Hardware Association has named the 34 training and industrial base. From the traditional tools hardware, architectural hardware, hardware, the new gas appliances, range hood, kitchen, shower room, metal industrial base is now over, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei and Henan provinces area. Can be said that the rapid rise of base metal industry, the overall level of China's hardware industry upgrading for local economic growth have made outstanding contributions.

Hardware brand is a service or a product to consumers

Price war war and groaning, brand warfare was in full swing, because the metal boss know the truth: brand is the key to victory. With the brand means companies have a market with sales. This is indeed a number of enterprises at home and abroad has been verified. Upgrade to the brand from a price war, war, in a sense, brand warfare is a permanent tow rope solution for enterprise development.

smart home features not only traditional residence

The rise of China's smart home industry in the 90s of last century. Compared with ordinary home, smart home features not only traditional residence, will be a number of the original passive rest home into a "smart" tool, providing a full range of information exchange capabilities to optimize people's lifestyles, strengthen family life ... ... even if the security has many advantages, but currently a lot of smart home products practicality is not strong, marketing was not to run smoothly battery clip.

China wire and cable enterprises attach great importance

In recent years, the wire and cable industry is concerned, the two sides have different business aspirations and expectations, it leads to different interpretations of the ECFA, which produced different results.


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