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Prospective flight attendants after 90 unarmed pulling

www.cnboostercables.comSaying people familiar with the lyrics: "sister your boat head brother go ashore Enenaiai tow rope swing lengthy." May have occurred if a change, "sister" in the position of the tow is what scene?

Weak demand in the global PV module prices decline

According to the the IHS company's solar photovoltaic (PV) modules price tracking report, 9 the moonlight-volt modules price chain fell in all regions of the world, only the EU due to the appreciation of the euro against the dollar, while it seems unaffected.

Situation in 2012, the Japanese electronics industry collective sink

September 15 LCD father of the world, the Japanese electronics giant Sharp's hundredth birthday. However, no one would have thought that, once a flourishing Sharp hundred years "birthday" fell into the realm of life and death: LCD main business booster cables of huge losses, liabilities trillions, the stock plunged almost turned into a garbage has come to the brink of bankruptcy.

Shipbuilding industry of the three major areas of the five major missions start "steering" strategy

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the high-speed development of China's shipbuilding industry, the scale of the industry by leaps and bounds growth, significantly enhance its international status, the level of industrial technology and the comprehensive booster cables competitiveness has been greatly improved, but also accumulated a lot of contradictions and problems, and World shipbuilding powerhouse compared to the overall level and strength of China's shipbuilding industry is still a large gap between the main innovation is not strong, prominent structural contradictions, low industrial concentration, production efficiency and management needs to be improved: the marine equipment industry The slow development and slow the pace of development of marine engineering equipment.

Uhv equipment into the investment boom cycle

Although recent uhv equipment stocks have been unable to run win grail, but because our country uhv line in construction in succession, means that related stocks growth trend more sure, financial game model also showed a long term capital have started tentative.


General electric energy saving solutions on the headquarters building as original

General electric green lighting solutions for original headquarters to build the new information Taipei the indoor and outdoor lighting environment. The project application plan indoor lighting, GE recommended 4000 sets of rated average life expectancy for 30000 to 36000 hours and 300 sets of Starcoat T5 LED PAR38; Outdoor lighting use GE LED Tetra system and LED Iberia lamps and lanterns. With the new lighting solutions the launch of the original information which decrease the consumption and maintenance cost, and also reduce the impact on the environment.


Cable enterprise should be far away from financing copper circles

Imports to copper, with the aid of a bank usance l/c, shake the body as part of the domestic enterprises to gain an important means of cheap capital. And these copper also had a exclusive name--" financing copper ", the specific performance of the financing for the purpose to purchase copper material. One of the form is, the enterprise from the bank open l/c, first from the overseas import copper, in home sold to the bank again after payments. Also have enterprise first purchase copper, and then go to the bank do mortgage financing.


Price self-discipline security wire and cable products market stability

For many years, although wire and cable industry trade organizations have repeatedly called on product price self-discipline, but the market price still wire and cable products of chaos, a flood of fake and low-quality products, product profit decline, make cable enterprise is injured. Wire and cable products price situation has come the rectification shall not really the point.


CHINAPLAS 2012 sings: enterprise group/new technology

Thanks to all kinds of positive factors, the exhibition except in scale and CHINAPLAS exhibitors quantity, but also will add a new record. According to the organizers are expecting, the number of visitors to the exhibition will break 100000, including the industry association of all members of the organization CanGuanTuan, they yesterday morning to reach the exhibition registration, which made the atmosphere more lively.


Al shandong alumina plant structure adjustment lock market hot spots

As the nation's largest chemical alumina production development base, recently, al shandong enterprise chemicals in alumina plant BaiWei powder production line is formally put into production, the production of three kinds of index more than 20 tons of products already send customer use evaluation. The other six big structural adjustment program also are busy promoting.


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