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ABB: Power Macau improve power supply reliability

    ABB and CEM history of cooperation for many years. In the process of cooperation, ABB's professional services and customized solutions for our customers has left a deep impression. Therefore, when CEM start ColoaneB station (CCB) generator circuit breakers (GCB) project, immediately thought of the ABB.


Industrial Robot "becoming more and on the" optimistic about the future development of

    Industrial robot is a mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other subjects of advanced technology in one important modern manufacturing automation equipment.
    Since 1962, the United States developed the world's first industrial robot, robot technology and product development rapidly and have become a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), automated factory (FA),booster cables computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) automation tool.


Parking is no longer sweating sweating recommended standard car reversing radar

   Today the city is more crowded, and want to give his beloved car to find shelter is a very easy task. Take I live in Beijing for a weekend night not to drive out, for fear of coming home can not find parking spaces.

   This problem is particularly parking and female novice owners of other headaches. Finally found a parking space,booster cables the location is not great, the car will be able to put in here. Inverted Treasury, shift, adjust the direction, and so good already parked tachycardia was sweating profusely. Some car owners could not eat sleep or even to the parking problem, to the point of nervous breakdown. If the installation of parking sensor will be an additional fee,battery clip and is now reversing radar on the market of varying quality, in the modified part of the vehicle itself are concerned that the electrical system is, indeed, the very trouble.


Automotive electrical and electronic industry development trend forecast

   1, electronic content is becoming saturated, according to some manufacturers estimate that the average non-hybrid vehicle electrical and electronic components and software costs did not increase, the cost is likely to remain in the vehicle 20% to 25%.

Robotics industry advance the capital market innovation speed

    Two years ago, Beijing's subway ticket need to manually stop, passengers are now only lightly in the automatic credit card swipe machine to cross the border, while the automatic credit card machine is the core technology of robot applications. In fact, the variety of robots on our side.


Moore's Law, who led after the era of the chip industry

    Moore's Law of integrated circuits under the guidance of the production is approaching the limits of the laws of physics,booster cables the chip industry, an urgent need for alternative technologies.

Gabriel electrical and hydraulic Group R & D to be an intellectual framework for circuit breakers

    Baili Electric Hydraulic Group controlling shareholder intends to jointly develop new products and intelligent framework for circuit breakers, the total project investment of 2,140 million yuan, the company invested 1,200 million;booster cables hydraulic Group invested 9.4 million yuan. Meanwhile, the company plans to sell 3,260 million to the hydraulic Group idle equipment.


Smart Grid standards will be introduced cutting edge of technology power equipment manufacturers landing

    Electrical equipment manufacturers compete to seize the cutting edge of technology.

    Standard system for smart grid and smart grid planning the release, in contrast, power grid enterprises amount of investment the new year will also be released. More than six months, quietly preparing for smart grid power equipment manufacturers entering breath waiting for a time period.


Eco-efficient buildings - the perfect fusion of art and technology

    Huge building energy consumption and increasing damage to the environment has drawn increasing public attention, building ecological energy also will become an important task.
    Government advocacy, policy development, media campaigns, for a time, some words appear frequently in our line of sight, booster cables such as: ecological building, energy efficient buildings, green building, high-tech construction, intelligent building and a series of words have changed get familiar with it. All of these terms to analyze the nature, can be summed up by two points: the high comfort and low power consumption. The current construction market, this real high-low-power products are extremely rare comfort, most products are in the use of various terms for speculation, only one or two high on a simple assembly, and then advertises itself as eco-efficient buildings,battery clip so the market is mixed, hard to distinguish. So, what is the real eco-efficient buildings? What can be done to create a high level of eco-efficient buildings?


Time series of reports of Chinese high-speed railway - the track to the world

    May Day Golden Week yet to come, Beijing Chen Jiaqi Li on the plan to bring a girlfriend, and go and travel.

    Unlike in the past, he would like to enjoy this special trip to a high-speed rail. "As long as half an hour from Beijing to Tianjin, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, from just two hours from Wuhan to Guangzhou as long as 4 hours,booster cables eliminating the need for travel by air a lot of trouble, such a journey time of just how tempting ah." Smaller Lee said.


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