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European companies significantly reduce direct investment in China

    With labor costs and rising transportation costs, European companies to dramatically reduce its investment in China; At the same time, booster cables they are expanding aggressively in Eastern Europe and Russia.


Department of Commerce: steel prices fell slightly short

    According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring shows into July, the overall rise in steel prices meet resistance, showing a high level consolidation pattern. Analysts pointed out that,booster cables due to weak demand, the domestic steel market is expected to August and September there is a big improvement in consumption is difficult, steel prices have come down probably late.


July sales in the U.S. Fasteners Distributors $ 208,200,000

    According to report, America's largest fastener distributor Fastenal sales for July, $ 208,200,000,booster cables an increase of 20.2%; last year sales of $ 173,100,000.


Steel market continues to steel stocks with good off-season defensive

    August 13, Laiwu Steel said the prices of hot rolled down 250 yuan / ton. booster cables Since early June from the domestic steel market into the off-season period of adjustment, domestic steel prices to a certain extent the callback, but callback rate has increased recently.


Create a base of steel scrap substitute in the ore

    Upon successful completion of the acquisition of Midwest, Sinosteel will also seek to acquire more mineral resources,booster cables and create a scrap processing base in the Northeast, and further build China's largest steel service providers.


International competitiveness of Dalian will be built into the equipment manufacturing base

    August 15, Dalian Mayor Xia Deren of Dalian City, part of the research equipment manufacturers, stressed that Dalian complete industry categories,booster cables with more advanced technology and talent, to revitalize the northeast old industrial base to assume the important task of revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry .

Domestic steel prices fell 5 weeks straight

    According to well-known steel information organizations "My iron and steel" to provide the latest market analysis,booster cables said that during the last week (August 8 to 15), domestic steel prices experienced a continuous decline in the first 5 weeks, down ranges from increase,battery clip construction steel, hot rolled coil and other varieties have emerged in most areas of the market price and steel price list prices listed in "upside down" phenomenon.


Domestic sanitary ware market "deep water" deeply dash

    Ware is a necessity of life of ordinary people. Businesses in order to win the general consumers, expand market share, moves forward.booster cables People who frequently visit the building materials market is not difficult to find nowadays sanitary ware products, the functionality, style to the creativity and variety.

Difficulties facing the development of lighting accessories business development needs of the brand break through

    Town of Dongguan Exhibition Fair lights lighting accessories boss Ma Yong some loss. Recently he told reporters that his client consulted few booths, and accessories industry,booster cables raw material prices prevailing, extensive production, vicious competition situation, so that his business feeling the pressure.


Large-scale standardized information industry will face a watershed in the cabinet


    In 2008 China's domestic industry is concerned not calm, but the cabinet industry as an important member of domestic industry is facing new challenges.booster cables "Scale, standardization, information technology enterprises in the three-pronged approach will be the cabinet to win a new round of competition in key markets,battery clip which will become a watershed in the cabinet industry."


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