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Wenzhou money War: 60 billion government loan-guarantee stable demand

   This year, SMEs in Wenzhou, private loans debt crisis triggered by the intensified and Wenzhou, the local government has already taken positive steps to support SME credit. ratchet tie dowm Wenzhou City Finance Office, according to relevant sources, the end of September, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the government submitted to "require the applicant on the loan and then asked the Financial Stability", by the provincial government to come forward and apply for financial stability to the People's Bank of refinancing $ 60 billion. period of one year, specifically to support the banking institutions in Wenzhou financing to increase the size of enterprises in difficulty, to prevent systemic risks and safeguarding the local financial stability. Yesterday, Bank of Ningbo,booster cables said an additional 1 billion yuan of special funds, the more the economy with wind and rain and Ou, and closely aligned with the industry in Wenzhou.


2011 construction of the development of our smart grid list

   Strong intelligence network in China in 2011 entered the construction phase, will be in the demonstration project, the electric vehicle charging facilities for electric, new energy and acceptance of, electricity and other aspects of intelligent people promoted.


Three new rural electrification activation of village production

    Recently, the Zhejiang Sanmen County, Po village forests to the town purchased a new wall-mounted LCD TV and a computer, he happily told reporters: the new rural ratchet tie dowm electrification so that these appliances can use comfortably, and his family can stay aware of world affairs.


"Five-second" 8.6% average annual growth of electricity consumption

        State Grid Corporation of Development Planning Lu Jian, vice director expected that the total electricity consumption in 2015 will reach 6.3 trillion kwh, the maximum load is approaching 1.01 billion kilowatts, "five-second" period average annual growth rate of 8.6% and 8.9 %. Power's rapid growth requires the support of ultra-high voltage network construction, he suggested that authorities should accelerate the "Huainan - Shanghai",tow rope "Hami - Zhengzhou" and other special high-voltage lines approved schedule.


Ten years the rapid development of the industry total output value of the instrument three times the fan

    2011 is our "second Five Year Plan" the first year. Instrumentation is a strategic and emerging industries, "five-second" period, the state will pay more attention to application and development of scientific instruments. Laboratory science and technology output, the more the forefront of education, the state of the laboratory into very large. Today many laboratories are university teachers and graduate students study daily work place. Into the twentieth century, various types of physical laboratories are springing up, extensive research work carried out.ratchet tie dowm Can be said that the laboratory is the cradle of science is scientific research base. Past five years since China instrument industry since the founding of the fastest growing for five years.booster cables At present, China has become an international instrument one of the largest industry is also developing instrumentation industry's largest and most complete product variety of countries.battery clip China instrument industry was the rapid trend in the market healthy and orderly development of the decade three times the output fan.


Alcan Cable to participate in 2011 Shanghai International Electricity Exhibition

   September 21, 2011, 2011 Shanghai International Electricity Exhibition (EPShanghai2011) at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition had begun. From North America, Alcan Cable (AlcanCable) to bring the world the full range of products de ? alloy dressed to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating its advanced aluminum alloy cable manufacturing technology and strong corporate culture.


The success of the world's first AP1000 nuclear power plant the main hoisting equipment

    At 12:18 on September 22, under construction by the Chinese nuclear five nuclear construction general contracting company Sanmen Nuclear Power Island Unit 1 nuclear pressure vessels successfully in place,ratchet tie dowm both to achieve the main unit of the nuclear installation of the first major node also marks the world's first AP1000 reactor pressure vessel type a successful installation.


Guangdong proposed offshore wind power giant enough electricity to support residents of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Dongguan

   Southwest of a drought, but inadvertently anxious Guangdong. Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places lose seeing the power was abruptly pulled out of the "10 million" class gap, Guangdong's energy diversification of the road can be said to be "imminent."


Ministry of Environmental Protection Detailed thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards and industry governance

   Coordinate the establishment of emission standards to promote environmentally friendly process of thermal power

- Detailed Environmental Protection Wu Xiaoqing, vice minister of the thermal power industry emissions standards and pollution control


Biomass power generation capacity into the fast lane to double

  By 2015, biomass power generation capacity will reach 13 million kilowatts, up 160% over 2010

    July 19 meeting of the national response to climate change and energy conservation leadership group meeting, considered and agreed in principle to "five" comprehensive energy reduction program of work, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control program . As a result, "five-second" period, China's energy structure will be significant changes to photovoltaic,tow rope wind power and biomass for the generation of new sources of clean energy will be leaps and bounds.


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