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Innovative inverter is the key to the development of PV market

  Several recent reports show that about 59% of the cost of photovoltaic project failure is caused by the PV inverter, and the startling numbers once again confirmed the GTM market research firm market for PV inverters and their technical An in-depth assessment of the relevance of the show. However, the good news is that the new round of GTM analysis of a new generation of inverter technology (large-scale and home use markets) is expected to make major improvements to this, more importantly, can significantly increase the scale of PV equipment of public utilities applicability, and the subsidy rate for tariff reduction in the case of equipment used for the residential customers a higher rate of return.


Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province will be landing

    Danyang City and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) jointly launched the "Japan Auto Parts SME clusters" based Danyang Japanese Auto Parts Industrial Park, the park will be put into operation in November this year.


Applications: electrostatic induction cable troubleshooting

    Electrostatic induction perimeter of a very sensitive detector sensors. To ensure proper use of the system, give full play to its functions, be sure to install the officers before the construction project carefully read the product instructions for use, determine the fault detection prior to double-check the cable, ground wire,ratchet tie dowm power lines, whether the product that installed correctly, and then power for 5 minutes after test:


Phone for business or things will usher in the explosive growth

    Mobile phone can do remote control. Ai Media network before the phone was held in Guangzhou of things business conference, a reporter at the scene witnessed this scene: iPhone by operating a mobile phone, toys, small plane circling in the air, and the ability to issue different commands based on the phone to complete the a variety of difficult moves.


Increase the proportion of natural energy power generation at long-term plan to shorten the 10-year energy

    Gifu Prefecture in Japan, there is a large-scale called Solar Ark solar power generation facilities, the annual power generation of about 530,000 kwh.

    Paris time on May 25 afternoon, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the 50th anniversary ceremony, said in a speech by Fukushima nuclear accident of the first nuclear power ratchet tie dowm plant in Japan will adjust energy policy, through bold innovations plan early in the 21st century, 20 years will be solar, wind and other natural energy accounts for the proportion of total electricity generation to 20%. To achieve this goal,booster cables Japan, the cost of solar power generation in 2020 decreased to 1 / 3, 2030 decreased to 1 / 6.


"Twelve Five" Jiangsu planning the future of the new energy industry

    "Eleventh Five-Year", the new energy industry, the province has experienced a "golden period of development." "Twelve Five" has arrived, "Economic and Social Development of Jiangsu Province Twelfth Five-Year Plan" has been released, "Jiangsu New Energy and Industrial Planning," is expected to be introduced this year. As a provincial government established the first six emerging industries, ratchet tie dowm focus on the development of this industry over the next five years, what is the direction? What policy will be supported? New energy in our province and which business plan for a new look? Newspaper published in this special feature for our readers.


Zhejiang Zhuji vigorously open up more green new world energy industry

    Core tips

        Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province ▲ more than ten million yuan this year, more than 360 investment projects, the emerging new green energy industry will have 130 projects, accounting for more than 40%.


Renowned international buyers ten selected assessment activities assigned to the electronics industry

    Is in full swing in the "HC Network Ten 2011, the electronics industry in China was named " fight back,ratchet tie dowm super buyer jury yesterday (May 16) officially assigned to the event, the current membership of buyers more than 50 jury Name, from Guangdong,booster cables Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Anhui and other places, buyers in areas such as home appliances, electrical, IT, communications, automotive and other industries, many of them are Toshiba, Nokia and other famous enterprises purchasing Personnel.battery clip It is learned that the buyer assigned to the jury, the aim is to experience the election through the corporate buyers of products, services, to real, objective point of view to corporate rate for all candidates, the assessment results will be of Each top ten finalist candidate enterprises can play an important role.


Lanxess, Germany actively committed to sustainable development in China

     To raise awareness of the high-tech plastic, cognitive, German specialty chemicals group LANXESS will be in 2011 as the "high-tech plastic LANXESS years. " Celebration is a series of publicity around this is to improve the lives of many special materials to start, in many applications, including automotive,ratchet tie dowm electronics / electrical and household appliances and sports equipment industry, LANXESS is playing a high-tech plastic Important role.booster cables In addition, they actively contribute to sustainable development and environmental technology.


Zhang Zhe case: Why Xining into the fire, "the same river"

      Zhe Zhang Henan case of civil servants.

    9 at 3 pm, Xining, Qinghai Building, a major textile fire, fire area of ??more than 3,000 square meters, continued to burn more than 2 hours later, building a women workers killed, 15 trapped were rescued.


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