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Shanghai Electric Group and Siemens form joint venture wind power

    According to media reports, after two years of difficult negotiations, Shanghai Electric (601727) Group recently reached an agreement with Siemens, which together with the Siemens wind power to form a joint venture company, its products are mainly for the Chinese market.


Global Biotechnology equipment will reach 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2015

    Introduction: global industry analyst firm (GlobalIndustryAnalystsInc., GIA) recently released a comprehensive global biotechnology instrumentation market report. Report, the global biotechnology instrumentation market in 2015 is expected to reach 5.8 billion.


Twelve Five: China's power industry will be "green harmony" into the

    Although energy conservation has made remarkable achievements, but the existence of some objective factors make China's power industry faces the enormous challenge of greenhouse gas emissions, the road is still long way to go green and harmonious. "Twelve Five" period, the change in power mode of development,booster cables improve the quality of development will be China's power industry energy conservation, climate change strategic task.


GMP materials of small volume injection system design

    In pharmaceutical production, the elimination of active components of cross-contamination, remove foreign matter, particulate matter, reduce or eliminate microorganisms and pyrogens on the injection of pollution, booster cables to ensure product quality and safety is extremely important; the injection of materials for production process , the material system cleaning methods can be divided into three modes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.


Beijing Xicheng thorough investigation of the 14 rental safety rectification fires

    To further improve the ground floor rental area, Xicheng District Baizhifang fire safety work, to detect and eliminate fire hazards, prevention and containment of major fire accidents.
    February 21,booster cables the second detachment led by the West Side, neighborhood organizations Baizhifang Comprehensive Management Office, Safety Office, the territorial police station, urban management unit on the ground floor rental area to conduct joint fire safety inspection blitz.


Air-conditioning problems lie enterprises make up a conclusion has not been punished

    Recently, an "issued in 2009 to promote energy efficient air conditioning notice of the briefing" appears in the National Development and Reform Commission's official website. I see that this notice as early as November 25, 2010 by the National Development and Reform Commission will be the General Office of the General Office and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued until the New Year 2011 was officially announced. Indeed,booster cables it has to involve "problem companies" stay enough time to deal with punishment and operation of space.


Sanmen Bay terminal industry electrical Writing the history of China

    "From out the Sanmen Bay terminal electrical quality assurance decade", is a very simple promise, not only sent to customers reliable products, but also to the dealer sent a security product that is your mind at ease is my responsibility.

Industrial applications as 3G operators in style all their own blue ocean to seek differentiation

    Today, industrial applications have become the blue ocean 3G market, focus on industrial applications has also become the operator of the general consensus.
    On the one hand, industrial applications can effectively enhance the structure of 3G high-end customers; the other hand, 3G high data transmission products can also be effective in promoting the development of industrial applications.booster cables This article will compare the analysis of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom 3G industry application of the overall competitive situation, product development, and strategic plan in 2011 and specific industry applications 3G marketing initiatives.


Optional air conditioning in winter "high health" of the three standards

    According to statistics, the proportion of high-quality air-conditioning sales exceeded 40%, has gradually become the mainstream consumer market. Therefore, each air conditioning manufacturers have introduced high-end boutique, booster cables an effort to build by Panasonic called "respect is still" high-end air-conditioning, the market price of up to 13,000 yuan, but by the blitz. At the same time, Samsung, LG, also launched a million high-end value of air conditioning.


China's leading chain of smart grid 40 trillion industry has improved steadily

    September 2010, Jiangsu Province, established the Smart Grid industry Union (Chi Network Alliance). Chi Web Consortium by the State Power NARI, prosperous Group, co-sponsored by 16 units, more than 50 companies to join virtually every smart electricity grid, Jiangsu Province, downstream industry chain, all the elite.


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