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Century Securities: XJ Electric assets into the net in the contemporary era entered the country in the long term benefits

    2009 revenues of 1.063 billion yuan in the first half the company rose 11.89% year on year operating profit growth of 81.30% 87,419,300 yuan; net profit of 57.1453 million yuan year on year growth of 34.59%; to achieve 0.15 per basic earnings per share of net assets yield 2.61%.

Freescale Cadence model-based physical and electrical

    Cadence Design Systems (CDNS) today announced that Freescale Semiconductor through the use of Cadence's "design once successful" prevention, analysis, implementation and signoff solutions for successful implementation of a network of 45-nanometer chip design flow,booster cables the solution can help speed up the amount of production time and increase predictability.

Civil engineering and drainage, electrical installation, etc.

    Industry: machinery and electronic appliances.
    Standard information categories: domestic bidding.
    Source: other.
    Location: Yunnan.

    1. PRC Government has received a World Bank loan for construction projects in Yunnan Urban Environmental Construction,booster cables part of the loan funds will be used for waste disposal project in Lijiang Old Town District sanitary landfill construction contracts (LJ/1.1.1) qualified under the payments. The existing issued by the World Bank "Procurement Guidelines" set forth in the qualified bidders may participate in the bidding.

KGI: Confidence Confidence-style expansion continued holdings of electrical


    Shanghai Zhixin Electric Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development of high-tech products, high-tech transformation, booster cables application and industrialization of operations of private listed companies.

Electrical equipment: Focus on the value of economic concerns - Industry Investment Strategy

    1, from November 5, 2008 closing prices starting September 10, 2009 electrical equipment rose to 142.8% on average. Shanghai Composite Index over the same period the rate of 66.1% over the same period of electrical equipment significantly exceeds the broader market.

General Electric and many other foreign companies, CVRD intends to A-share listed

    According to foreign media reports, Wu, chairman of CLSA China's long roots that far, including the U.S. General Electric, booster cables the world's largest iron ore supplier CVRD, etc., many foreign companies have expressed interest in listing in China and has consultation on the matter put to him.


Dongfang Electric Guotai Junan maintain investment grade collection

    Sina Financial News Dongfang Electric 01072.HK09 in the third quarter net profit rose 17.2%, Guotai Junan to maintain its "collection" investment rating.

    Guotai Junan Securities, said the first three quarters Dongfang Electric Corporation income rose 19.23% to 22.79 billion yuan,booster cables net profit rose 39.32% to 1.058 billion yuan, corresponding to earnings per share of 1.20 yuan, respectively, equivalent to our full-year forecast and the average market 65% and 67%, worse than we expected.battery clip Third quarter consolidated gross profit margin was 15.49% higher than the first half of 2009 rose by only 0.17 percentage points, we believe that the slow recovery in gross margin was worse than we are led to company performance and market the main reason. The third quarter, new orders is only 13.8 billion yuan, worse than our expectations.tow rope So, we were 09-11 down the annual income of -4%, -2%, -2%. Although the company's third quarter gross margin recovery slower than expected, but the fix did not change the trend. We were raised to 15.4% gross profit margin of 09-11 years, 15.9%, 16.0%.


WANG Ji: Dongfang Electric gorgeous turn

    Dongfang Electric's growth brings the value of our series of thinking is: a planned economy era, came to the business, it changes the key turning point in the market is how to choose the development path?
    It is how to build their competitive edge to respond to market challenges?booster cables If you put it in a larger global market, it can not be a leader in the manufacturing sector in China?


Dongfang Electric: break up the right time

    Dongfang Electric (600875).

    The company is the research, development and manufacture of hydraulic and thermal power equipment, an important base and the largest hydroelectric power equipment manufacturers, has for the Gezhouba (600 068), booster cables production of the Three Gorges Hydro Project and other large groups, the domestic market share of 35% water , thermal power 1 / 3.

Zhiguang Electric: the rational distribution of future long-term growth can be

    Medium voltage inverter layout, to benefit from the rapid development of the industry.

    High-voltage inverter market is in rapid expansion period ,booster cables 2009-2011 will reach 27% compound annual growth rate


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