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Southwest South regional economic development in the hardware business opportunities fast brewing

    Editor's Note: China is a developing country, especially in the second tier cities have yet to be development of large-scale development. And if this type of Xichang and Panzhihua city, furniture sales Zouwang situation, inevitably will lead to small hardware market opportunities.


Real estate slowdown of construction machinery will face the fourth quarter decline

    Ruoshi machinery industry underperformed the market price, drop the top construction machinery, import tax and VAT components bullish factors.

    Investment Highlights:

    Ruoshi machinery industry market underperformed the market. Q3 machinery sector fell 31.46%, a drop higher than the market average, one strong cycle of shipbuilding,booster cables construction machinery biggest decliners.


Green IT products must be clear of the five identified

    Decided to build a green energy than choose to use IT infrastructure which servers, data storage and virtualization products actually use less heat,booster cables reduce your energy bills and reduce your corporate carbon emissions more easily. Green energy certificates and standards for IT products and a lot.

Bus electronically controlled air suspension system and its development trend

    With the increasing demand for vehicle ride comfort and technological development of passenger car suspension, air suspension on the bus is used widely.booster cables The traditional model is the air suspension with mechanical height control valve, the valve through the valve opening height adjustment of the charge air suspension air bags deflated, thereby maintaining a constant vehicle ride height.


ST STM32 MCU to use the advanced motor control algorithms

    STMicroelectronics STM32 Microcontrollers extend 32-bit (MCU) to support the motor vector control library, add support for sensorless control of a single bypass,booster cables internal permanent magnet (IPM) control and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) motor field weakening control algorithm. Currently on the market about 40 motor control applications have been used STMicroelectronics STM32 Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers.


China Mobile Why did you abandon Apple IPHONE?

Ivory Italian Song Cheng special combination with the development of Yunnan market

    As an industry advocate for high quality products, Ivory clearly intended to do was set up at the beginning of the field of high-end brand in China lift has been in strict accordance with the principles to guide the procurement, production and after-sales service,booster cables do the most secure lift Ivory Italian machine is special company has always been the goal, the intention of making each lift and carefully nurtured the young and progressive brand.

Financial crisis was a challenge of the motor companies

    China Industry News in a recent survey of the motor companies understand that the majority of motor business in 2008 than in previous years are the decline in orders.booster cables Among them, the export volume of large orders for small and medium enterprises Motor serious decline,battery clip and even some companies issued "market in the coming winter," the voice.


Guardian Insulation: Insulation classification performance and application of paint

    Insulating paint is a polymer-based, under certain conditions can be cured into the insulating film or insulating the importance of the overall insulation material, generally based paint, booster cables solvent or thinner, and supporting material consists of three parts, by using the scope and form of divided into: varnish, paint coverage, silicon steel sheet paint, anti-corona paint four.


Boring and milling machine to shorten the workpiece clamping time debugging

    Ace boring and milling machine tools the company used for welding parts manufactured in other machine tools for forging die mold base.booster cables The company claims that this machine also has many other features to help support the production process.


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