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Anti-Road hunters SPX aftermarket in China.

    The case of the U.S. auto industry fell into a stalemate rescue, making the Detroit Big Three into the abyss. Meanwhile, the news also on the global automotive parts supplier would suffer. booster cables However, in the global auto industry looks devastated when a number of international auto parts giants have already raised the banner of the acquisition,battery clip will own their attention to China's automotive aftermarket, such as Bosch, SPX, etc., have acquired in China automotive aftermarket companies, tow rope to further gain market share.

Diagnostic tools SPX profits shrink severely affected by the crisis

    In the 2009 financial crisis, this spring became a nightmare for many companies, stung the nerves of many enterprises. The stock market downturn,booster cables the deposit interest rates,battery clip reduced sales, lower profits and so on. This problem also plagued the car care industry.

Electrical Systems Past and Present


    Electrical engineering and automation industries tentacles, small as a switch design, large aircraft, aerospace research, has its presence. The professional electrical engineering students to engage with the system operation, automatic control,booster cables power electronics technology, information processing, testing technology, research and development, battery clip management, and application of electronic and computer technology work in the field is wide caliber "compound" Advanced engineering and technical personnel. High level of talent in the field of high demand.tow rope It is estimated that, with the entry of large foreign enterprises in the fields of expertise will be a big gap, then it may be talent shortage.


Transnational hardware procurement will "Jiangsu create" play a key role

    Jiangyan held in China (Jiangsu) International Sourcing hardware industry matchmaking set two records: one from more than 20 countries and regions, buyers, 40% was the second to Jiangsu, and second, growth of foreign participants more than 20%.


BASF Engineering Plastics innovative solutions to meet customer needs

    BASF's engineering plastics business has always been innovation-driven, customer-centric. BASF at the Technology Center with the support of cooperation with customers all application development projects,booster cables BASF's business is built on the basis of these items.

"Smart grid" in July the introduction of a percentage point is expected to boost GDP

    Perhaps a few years, electricity means that change will occur: the home price is no longer static, it will come at different times of day based on automatic pricing, such as evening peak period, automatic price rise; was only read the meter the amount of power systems, booster cables now you can see the use of electricity in the city.

Founder Liu Xiaokun: IT technology to promote information dissemination

    People use the most representative of the production tools to represent a historical period, such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, the era of steam. In this mode of thinking to review the 20th century,booster cables we find that in the last 100 years, humans from the age of electricity to the information age.


Brand: market, paving stone, a symbol of corporate culture!

    Early spring in March, the weather is already warm, but still carries the breeze chilly. Candidates flocked to the office; procurement and sales calls one after another; storage and loading of vehicles in front of delivery vehicles is, booster cables of lively thirty-three; measuring the manufacturing department to function at full capacity,battery clip the job employees are busy ... ... This is Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. since March into the ordinary day.

TV "TM": business people a bit dizzy with high discount

    May 19, appliance, "TM" approved; June 3 TM "plan" was promulgated, appliance, "trade" activities in the television sets, refrigerators, washing machines,booster cables air conditioners, computers Category 5 appliance manufacturers to begin the pilot started. Appliances active renewal activities will not only help the domestic consumer market,battery clip to help tide over the difficulties the national economy financial crisis, more conducive to strengthening the recycling of used appliances to protect the environment, and conducive to the public from the fundamental benefits.


Ningbo United Nations procurement mission to win the opportunity to purchase printing and other industries

    "To sell their products to the United Nations agencies is difficult, and now the door has such a good opportunity, how can you miss?" Yesterday, general manager of Ningbo Food Co., booster cables Dongxiang Mao Mao Qing, told reporters. He said a good opportunity for the Eighth International Consumer Goods Fair is an important set by the United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Fair ---.battery clip This is the first delegation to United Nations Procurement Division Ningbo procurement, eager to expand the market for now, by order of the export enterprises, great attraction.


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