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Showed a trend growth rate of automobile electronic products floating great potential

    Car appear more and more electronic equipment and systems, and they also feature innovative car driver.

    Automobile manufacturers are increasingly using electronic systems and semiconductor integrated circuits for a variety of automotive applications, including driver information and communication, booster cables in-vehicle entertainment electronics, power train and body control electronic equipment and automotive equipment, safety and comfort.


Home computer bodyguard! UPS APC BK500Y early experience

    The UPS (uninterruptible power supply), so a lot of people think it is a necessary tool for the enterprise, and home-computer-related. This impression created for two reasons. booster cables First, most people do not fully understand the functions of UPS, on the other hand because of the relatively high price.

Marketing Strategy: 2010 to promote the new brand strategy


     Born in the back of each brand, not only from the competitive power business, it is constantly increasing business expansion ambitions territory. We are the envy of many companies Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Microsoft,booster cables Wrigley and other successful multi-brand strategy to build the perfect business expansion territory, but ignore these successful before the formation of multi-brand strategy, business expansion should focus on how the territory introduction of new brands.

Takeshige independently developed CNC gantry drilling machine to fill the gaps

    After a year of hard work, CNC milling force re-group, developed with independent intellectual property rights developed new dedicated CNC Gantry Machine --- ZK5540 long drill. booster cables Recently, the equipment has passed the user's pre-acceptance, well received. Currently, this device will be sent to offline users,battery clip will address the process of China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing complex process in the key play an important role.


Chinese-made electric car by turning the Copenhagen Climate Conference

    3 months ago, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the United Nations Climate Change Conference although did not put all the participants unanimously adopted a climate agreement,booster cables but at least it changed the fate of a Chinese private enterprise - Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Yangzhou Kaiersimai company.


NIOS Ⅱ processor-based Intelligent Home Control System


    In the modern home environment, with the lighting, intelligent appliances, security and other growing equipment, electrical installation, control lines are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time meet the requirements of multi-function, easy installation,booster cables good scalability and low operating costs, as technological development of modern smart home system a necessary requirement.

Advantech DLOG launch ultra-rugged vehicle terminal type MTC6

    Advantech DLOG pleased to announce a new product -MTC6/1010 "industrial vehicle terminal (VMT) grand public. MTC6/1010" industrial-grade ultra-rugged vehicle terminal is a mobile terminal-based system, designed for a variety of extreme conditions of automotive applications and design, such as cargo terminal from the outdoor to indoor forklift between the cold storage, booster cables port container cranes, mining vehicles, agricultural tractors and other heavy duty applications inside and logistics.

New energy: a breakthrough in human technological revolution, the fourth

    The history of human development has occurred in the three technological revolution, these three are mainly from the new technology revolution, the birth and application of production began.booster cables In recent years, some experts suggested that the fourth technological revolution is coming, and new energy technology revolution will be a breakthrough fourth technology revolution.

Jiangsu Heng force the company to lead the new trend of Modular Machine Tool

    Machine tool manufacturing with 50 years history of Jiangsu Heng Power Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Machine Tool Plant red) in the middle autumn, led by chairman of the board, in accordance with the "create fine machine, into a hundred aircraft carrier" of the enterprise development strategies, positive transformation and upgrading,booster cables training hard internal strength, to speed up innovation, a development company out of the main line, with innovative new ways for the soul to lead new trend of modular machine tool.

Centrifugal separation of flammable and explosive materials, safety measures

    Abstract: A centrifuge with flammable materials in centrifugal separation when the solution potential fire and explosion risk, the article on the combustion analysis of the causes of the explosion,booster cables put forward the basic principles of proof, for the centrifuge containing flammable material solution of the possible security risk, the corresponding security countermeasures.


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