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Alstom positioning China to participate in various power generation projects

    Energy supply, but also to a low carbon economy to achieve rapid change.

    To look forward to that,booster cables as the industry only to their own clean power plant design and manufacturing of spare parts required for all companies - Alstom are trying to find the best solution to this challenge.

Digital high-definition set-top box made in June to achieve Chongqing

    HDTV has been the people in the pursuit of home entertainment, high-definition set-top box, however,booster cables the chip production due to the monopoly of foreign countries, its high price is not the general public can bear. But this year,battery clip the public will be able to buy high-definition set-top box made in Chongqing, one of the chip is developed by the four joint production of Group, cheaper than foreign 1 / 3.


Finance lease in Review of the Development of Construction Machinery Industry

     May 2004 Caterpillar financial leasing agency set up in Beijing, the first time into the financial leasing of construction machinery in China,booster cables however, through nearly two years of exploration and learning, battery clip the Chinese construction machinery company was the first time into a finance lease threshold, April 20, 2006, Zoomlion by construction machinery industry first financial lease "license."

"Two sessions" have a low carbon environment guiding the hardware industry

     If you ask this year's "two sessions" were mentioned most of the hot words,booster cables "low-carbon green" is definitely one of them.


【News Focus】


     Aircraft hit the runway as much wonder how many of these incidents?

      Recently, the United Kingdom a sudden almost vertical glider crashed into the runway, fortunately, was the pilot survived, it has given us a little less frightened.booster cables Is a commonly used means of transport aircraft, aircraft losses caused by very big crash, serious injuries, this type of incident we are very sensitive but would not but Ti's , also hope to learn from our grasp Zhong from more of the essence.


Oxen passion Straighten the backbone of national machinery manufacturing

    18th century 60's the start of the first industrial revolution, craftsmen were replaced by machine production industry,booster cables from earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world, machines began to support the lifeblood of the entire world economy.battery clip If the first appearance of the machine changed the world, then there Oxen mechanical packaging on the shine of the whole industry and the kitchen food industry.


Fair one end of the high turnover of Jiaxing Hardware industry

    Recently, the 107th Canton Fair Phase I concluded, Jiaxing trade delegation impressive,booster cables Jiaxing 144 booths related to consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, hardware, household appliances, lighting products, 81 companies appear. According to statistics, battery clip 5 days, Jiaxing transactions of the branch's clients received more than 8,000 people total, and reached 879.066 billion U.S. dollars contract traded intention than last year growth of 7.28%.


Jinan, China Machine Tool Exhibition read from equipment manufacturers directions: To optimize the stronger

    Every two years, China CNC Machine Tool Show has predictable, as the China Machine Tool Industry Association effort to build the industry's top event,booster cables exhibitors have a wide range of products and manufacturers representative, is the highest level of domestic CNC machine tool show, basically reflects Modern CNC machine tools made out of the highest level and the latest products,booster cables high reputation at home and abroad, and this year is to attract the UK, Spain, India and other countries and regions 4 pavilions organized by 25 companies to exhibit and the United States, tow rope Italy, Switzerland, 8 countries and regions set up machine Association Information Desk at the show.


GE Smart Grid investment in China market

    April 20, the first smart grid in Shanghai, Chan Xueyan discussed at the meeting, General Electric (GE) Energy Group Vice President Bob Gree Gan said,booster cables China is at the climax of the urbanization process, and faced with rising energy demand, China Smart Grid market promising.


NI and Tianjin Sino-German build "virtual instrument technology center"

    Recently, NI and Tianjin Sino-German Technical Institute to build a "Tianjin,booster cables China and Germany - the United States Centre for NI virtual instrumentation," Germany in Tianjin Vocational and Technical College held a grand signing ceremony. This is the NI over the years with the domestic institutions of higher learning and technical personnel, joint training of virtual instruments,battery clip the Higher vocational education institutions for the another important cooperation.


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