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Driven by huge profits the oil hot trench

    The media reports on waste oil has been known to the public, "waste oil" in the main hazard of aflatoxin is a strong carcinogen, its toxic than arsenic poisoning 100 times. Indeed,booster cables refining, sale of "waste oil" of profiteering impulses, is one of the reasons for repeated. For food waste processing side, the profits of close to 2,000 yuan per ton,battery clip nearly 200 percent profit margin.


QI tools CCMT demonstrate the strength of independent innovation

    As the major machine tool manufacturers, China General Technology Group Qiqihar 2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., booster cables carrying three high-speed CNC Machine Tool Industry Dai Biao  the latest development of the level part of the sixth China CNC Machine Tool Show, battery clip and from the sea Exhibits inside and outside the sophisticated CNC machine tools comparable to the same table, the full display of the strong independent innovation capability.


West Switch Electrical: Quality equipment to create the world's power switch

    Xi'an West Switch Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Western Cape Electric") overall strengthening of quality management, performance excellence model step by step, booster cables continuously improve product quality, management quality increased dramatically. 2006,2007 years "XD card," gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) and high pressure sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers (GCB) has been awarded "battery clip China Top Brand" title; 2008,2009 company has won the annual National Quality Award "to encourage Awards "and" Award Nominations. "


Unnamed Article

Such as water and electricity around the speed of reform may have to increase prices
    Water and electricity should be up then? booster cables Probably!

    Hearings should be open during the year,battery clip such as water and electricity price reform of resource speed.


Automation technology for the mining safety escort

        - Combination of 3.28 mine, a few of the causes of coal mine safety and prevention

    Editor's Words: coal as one of our natural resources, growing to over-exploitation of a great deal of pressure on production safety.booster cables The past two years, although the national production safety more seriously mines on coal production enterprises of rectification, to a certain extent, curb the occurrence of mine. China repeatedly made the mine more than what the root cause? battery clip Technical questions or problems? By combining the State Administration of Work Safety spokesman Huang Yi talked about a number of reasons and the (industrial automation) industry, elaborated on several mine operations,tow rope safety and other issues.


Marketing Image Reconstruction

    (1) marketing innovation, the driving force.

    In the era of knowledge economy and information economy, the brand's increasingly complex marketing environment.booster cables Accelerated technological progress, intensified market competition, products and services dramatically reduce the life cycle.battery clip All of these are required to accelerate the pace of innovation brand marketing, core competencies and improve the comprehensive ability to adapt to environmental changes.


For brand identification


    Brand to create brand identity in the process of fighting for the use of various tools to highlight the brand image. Under normal circumstances, they would choose a synonym, slogans, colors, symbols,booster cables story, etc., in this section we mainly look at those.


CPU packaging technology Xiangjie


    CPU chip packaging technology.
   booster cables Advantages and disadvantages of various packaging technologies.

Energy University" Introduction: The most accurate solution, the most appropriate time

   Courses in accordance with the classification of end markets, accounting for a total of 72% of global energy consumption ratio.

    Good news!booster cables Advocating energy-saving awareness of professionals in the energy university courses will be free to learn energy efficiency in relevant professional knowledge,battery clip which is the industry's only a handful of industry professionals for all online education courses.


Discern friend and foe: the primary marketing strategy to solve the problem

    "Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This issue is the most important issue the revolution." This is Mao Zedong in the "all classes of Chinese society,"booster cables begins with that first sentence. Mao Zedong in 1925 wrote on the article,battery clip directly after the 20 years of the Chinese revolution to the "encircling the cities" and laid the ideological foundation for the strategic roads.


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