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Escort Child Safety: Breaking the socket "double-action to protect the door of love."

     Prevention of child electric shock, the hardware protection education should be more important than verbal!

    Today, a wide range of household appliances and the growing popularity, although to make life with a lot of convenience,ratchet tie dowm but also to bring a lot of children growing security risks. Authority figures, children with a very strong curiosity and curiosity of the unknown, leading to the likelihood of an accident several times higher than adults, "electric shock" booster cables accident is one of them. According to relevant survey results show that children caused by the sockets of electric shock accident showed an increasing trend, "child electrical safety" has become a topic of much concern to the community!


Combine harvest forget "fire"

    Present on the occasion coincided with the harvest, combines "flourish"when. Since autumn, the weather was dry and hot,booster cables harvesters in the harvest process, if the operator inadvertently easily cause a fire.

Danyang saw exports gratifying trend

    Danyang City in the first half of this year's foreign trade import and export value reached 7.5 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 43%. Exports totaled $ 640,000,000, an increase of 46%, accounting for Zhenjiang City 31% of total exports, an increase highbooster cables er than the overall increase in Zhenjiang City, 17 percent export.


Integrated power market Zouwang kitchen trends fashion show personality

    In 2008, the home appliance market is the most festive of the year, but due to natural disasters, economic adjustment factors,booster cable the first half of the electricity market was flat throughout the kitchen, so many businesses of pressure.


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