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Fire alert: highlight the ongoing rainy electrical fire hazards

    Affected by continuous rain, the number of fires last week, Suzhou continues to decline, housing, factories, transport, etc. Therefore, the fire reduced to varying degrees, corresponding to, open-air live equipment, the line of fire increased significantly. Recently, the City Public Security Fire fire statistics released last week, June 11 to June 17, 69 Suzhou City received a report from the fire, a decline of 32 cases, of which 50% of the way to return fire and lawn waste Alarming.


Ministry of horse people: actively promote the plastic optical fiber applications in the Internet of Things

   Summary: June 29 news, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry"), Science and Technology Division, Deputy Director of Quality Management in the horse people in China today held the inaugural meeting of Plastic Optical Fiber Industry Alliance, said the triple play Fast forward, plastic optical fiber industry will bring development opportunities, and its broad market prospects for its broad market will attract more enterprises to join the plastic optical fiber industry in the past.


Fukushima nuclear power plant cooling water purification system began operation start

   BEIJING, June 27, ratchet tie dowm according to Kyodo News,booster cables Tokyo Electric Power Company 27, officially started the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima high-radiation waste water purification systems, and re-use processed water into the reactor for cooling operation again.


Comments: From Scarcity to power to change who is responsible?

    In 2002, the State Electricity Regulatory Committee for the power industry the need of market-oriented reforms established. According to the State Department authorization, the SERC is in accordance with laws and regulations to perform a unified national electricity regulatory duties are ministerial-level institutions. But for years, "power shortage" a growing problem, but has no power to change clues. Recently, a State Electricity Regulatory Commission officials to the media revealed the plight of the current regulatory SERC, "right to monitor, unable to monitor, can not be monitored, nothing can be monitored."


Things to build five major challenges facing the development of smart city

    Internet, the human society into the "information age", and things of the mission is to make human beings into the "wisdom of the times." June 17, 2011 China Industrial Development Forum of things, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Bo-Hu Li believes that the future of the city should be "smart city", to be able to include the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, city services, including industrial and commercial activities intelligent response to a variety of needs, to promote the human, capital, technology and other elements of the optimal allocation of resources, promote economic and social, population, resources and environmental development. In the "smart city" construction, technology, things come in handy.


PV hardware prices fell sharply in June

      As the European subsidy policy changes and policy uncertainty leading manufacturers of photovoltaic products inventory, in June the solar photovoltaic industry chain sharp decline in overall product prices.

     June solar value chain index, the monthly spot price of polysilicon solar grade decreased by 28% to 53.4 U.S. dollars / kg, the prices of downstream wafer and solar cell manufacturers to reduce the pressure. The 6-inch silicon wafer prices in June fell 23 percent to $ 2.39 / piece low. More downstream of the polycrystalline silicon prices fell 15 percent to $ 0.92 / watt.


United States successfully developed nano-sensors can be self-generating

    Recently, U.S. scientists have invented a new type of sensor that can achieve self-discovery, will have a major impact on the future.

     The sensor project is funded by the American Chemical Society for scientists, this nanotechnology-based equipment will have a profound impact on the future. Currently it can achieve 30 feet away without the participation of battery operation,ratchet tie dowm which means it can take advantage of the environment on their own power generation, energy sources including solar, acoustic, vibration, chemical, air and heat, wireless data transmission by the device self-powered, with a capacitor to achieve power storage.


vOp solar: 1.2 billion to build the largest low-carbon community in Guizhou

    May 21, 2011, Sinan County, Guizhou and Chongqing Opp solar water heater Co., Ltd. signed an agreement. The two sides reached a consensus op will invest 1.2 billion yuan in the construction of op Sinan manufacturing base for new energy and new energy to create the biggest carbon Guizhou area.


Sichuan Shuangliu mass production "Made in China" thin-film solar cells

    June 15, by the Chinese to invest in the construction Holding Group, the world's largest single-plant production of silicon thin film solar cell projects in the Economic Development Zone Shuangliu Xihanggang put into operation, which marked China's own intellectual property rights of thin-film solar cells production a major breakthrough.


Industrial Solar announced the completion of the placing and subscription of 35 million new shares

     June 9 news, Industrial Solar announced the completion of the placing of existing shares and subscription of new shares, a total of 3,500 shares of the Placing Shares by the Placing Agent to 6.8 yuan per Placing Share is allocated to at least six Placees,ratchet tie dowm and today allotted and issued to StrongEagle.


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