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Japan is expected to increase economic pessimism caused by the earthquake cut logistics manufacturing interruption

    Japan's "3.11" earthquake, there have been various company parts, materials, tools, suppliers sent by fax or e-mail, or come in person to explain the situation, is a core topic: because the earthquake in Japan affected, the company could not deliver according to the normal schedule, request the user to forgive.


China Road Lighting Forum 2011 held in Chongqing

    "2011 (seventh) China Road Lighting Forum" on March 10 to 12 at the grand opening of Chongqing. This event by the China Association of Lighting, Illuminating Engineering Society of China Committee of outdoor lighting, street lighting China Municipal Engineering Association of Professional Committee of the tripartite co-sponsored booster cables . Support for optical media and consumer China Daily China lighting.


The new Fluke thermal imager launched its i3

    Fluke (FLIR) company launched its new "magic price" i3 Infrared - Infrared completely subvert the minds of consumers deeply rooted in the concept of high prices.

    FLIR always leading the technical innovation-i3 product to pass down this tradition. With the growing popularity of its technology, gradually moving to the mass commercial market will bear the psychological level, FLIR infrared camera series in recent years has dropped to the lowest price.


CDQC Electric Group in the glass machinery industry new heights

    2010, CDQC in glass machinery new heights, booster cables CDQC grinding industry to further enhance the company reputation, and access to the industry many well-known manufacturers of praise!


Eaton Agent Conference 2011 opened a new journey in China

     Eaton Agent Conference 2011 held in Taipei, opened a new campaign year, a prelude to the Chinese market
     From 1911 the workshop a production of seven axles, developed into a 2011 annual sales of 13.7 billion U.S. dollars in global diversified power management company Eaton across the centuries, this is both a remarkable milestone,booster cables but also a new journey of the next start.


Fan manufacturing industry in China is entering a new stage

    Running race, the first lap out in front of the players, not necessarily win the championship, or even not able to run the entire distance.

    If the global wind turbine manufacturing industry as a running race, China's Sinovel, Goldwind, Dongfang Electric and other companies already ran into the first camp, the number of established foreign enterprises, booster cable such as Siemens, India's Suzlon and other behind them. From 2009, new wind power installed capacity point of view, the three Chinese companies were ranked third in the world has, fifth, seventh.


Emission reduction achieved remarkable results - the "Eleventh Five-Year" Review

    CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to energy saving and emission reduction, energy saving, as the adjustment of economic structure, transform the mode of response to climate change, an important starting point to promote the scientific development, put forward the "Eleventh Five-Year" unit GDP energy consumption reduced by 20% ,booster cables the total discharge of major pollutants by 10% of the binding.


Jiaxing campus fires investigations fire regulation rule 10 patients 65

    To deepen the "big investigation, big improvement" work to strengthen schools, kindergarten fire safety management, to create a good environment for the campus fire safety, March 9, Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, booster cables the organization of specialized police fire brigade, more than 10 of the area primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, fire hazards were a major investigation focused on a large renovation.


2011, China's wire and cable industry overcapacity farewell

    2011 is made of wire and cable industry restorative important year of rapid development, sales, profits, import and export growth of major economic indicators are better than expected early next year, is expected to achieve growth of about 23%, only Anhui Sheng Cable Group January-February sales of 5 billion cable, able to achieve such a result, there are three main reasons:


National Grid shares heavily to upgrade rural power network 12 benefit

    The country has opened in Beijing Rural Power Grid Corporation conference in 2011 defined the "five-second" speed up the development of rural power, rural power system and mechanism innovation, corporate social responsibility, booster cables improve the level of the Career four priorities, the deployment of the 2011 on key tasks.



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