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Gabriel electrical and hydraulic Group R & D to be an intellectual framework for circuit breakers

    Baili Electric Hydraulic Group controlling shareholder intends to jointly develop new products and intelligent framework for circuit breakers, the total project investment of 2,140 million yuan, the company invested 1,200 million;booster cables hydraulic Group invested 9.4 million yuan. Meanwhile, the company plans to sell 3,260 million to the hydraulic Group idle equipment.


Smart Grid standards will be introduced cutting edge of technology power equipment manufacturers landing

    Electrical equipment manufacturers compete to seize the cutting edge of technology.

    Standard system for smart grid and smart grid planning the release, in contrast, power grid enterprises amount of investment the new year will also be released. More than six months, quietly preparing for smart grid power equipment manufacturers entering breath waiting for a time period.


Eco-efficient buildings - the perfect fusion of art and technology

    Huge building energy consumption and increasing damage to the environment has drawn increasing public attention, building ecological energy also will become an important task.
    Government advocacy, policy development, media campaigns, for a time, some words appear frequently in our line of sight, booster cables such as: ecological building, energy efficient buildings, green building, high-tech construction, intelligent building and a series of words have changed get familiar with it. All of these terms to analyze the nature, can be summed up by two points: the high comfort and low power consumption. The current construction market, this real high-low-power products are extremely rare comfort, most products are in the use of various terms for speculation, only one or two high on a simple assembly, and then advertises itself as eco-efficient buildings,battery clip so the market is mixed, hard to distinguish. So, what is the real eco-efficient buildings? What can be done to create a high level of eco-efficient buildings?


Time series of reports of Chinese high-speed railway - the track to the world

    May Day Golden Week yet to come, Beijing Chen Jiaqi Li on the plan to bring a girlfriend, and go and travel.

    Unlike in the past, he would like to enjoy this special trip to a high-speed rail. "As long as half an hour from Beijing to Tianjin, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, from just two hours from Wuhan to Guangzhou as long as 4 hours,booster cables eliminating the need for travel by air a lot of trouble, such a journey time of just how tempting ah." Smaller Lee said.


GE's smart grid investment in China market

    April 20, the first smart grid in Shanghai, production and research discussion at the meeting, General Electric (GE) Energy Group Vice President Bob Griffith Gan said, China is at the climax of the urbanization process,booster cables and faced with rising energy demand, China's huge market potential of smart grid.


NI and Tianjin Germany to build a "virtual instrument technology center"

    Recently, NI and Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technology Institute to build a "Tianjin, China and Germany - the United States Center for NI virtual instrumentation," Germany in Tianjin Vocational and Technical College held a grand signing ceremony.

Cause of the fire vehicle classification and scene investigation, evidence collection

    In recent years, as China's rapid economic development and rising living standards, the incidence of car fires also been increased.
    Compared to vehicle fires and building fires, although the range is generally damaged less severely, to find traces of physical evidence, collection is difficult, the parties are basically difficult to accurately provide the fire site, can not accurately identify the cause of the fire caused. Therefore, the right experience and approach a certain amount of fire investigators is necessary.


Sumitomo listed hardened steel cutting materials with uncoated CBN

      Sumitomo Electric Industries, recently listed for general machining of hardened steel cBN new material "SUMIBORON BN2000".
    This is a hardness second only to diamond and cBN powder with adhesive material sintered at high temperature under high pressure freezing of cBN sintered body,booster cables can be used for cutting tool materials for high speed machining automobile parts used in hardened steel and cast iron and so difficult to cut ferrous metals. battery clip New products are not cheap ceramic membrane coating type.


B & R: ARPOL DCS system control of natural gas storage unit


    A process operator to rely on a single manufacturer's control system has gradually become obsolete. East Germany's natural gas supplier for the VNG, the choice of new system, taking into account the future system portability, flexibility is a decisive factor.

Wendeng mechanical and electrical tools and other industrial transformation road spacious

    Shandong Peninsula like a bulge in the Bohai Sea of green ribbon, and ribbons on the city is dotted with flashes of pearl, is one of Wendeng one. Advantage of the mountain facing the sea, so that here the endogenous formation of both type and export-oriented economic characteristics.


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