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Machinery industry: industry will face the future regulation of the pressure recovery

    Machinery industry showed a profit with the economic recovery of V-type reversal. Machinery industry in 2009 earnings per share weighted average of 0.3605 yuan, 2010.1Q weighted average earnings per share of 0.0862 yuan.
   Machinery industry in 2009 11.62% profit growth of listed companies, the net growth of -6.65% return on assets; 2010, booster cables a 51.11% growth in quarterly profit, return on net assets up 22.5%. Since 2009, a quarter, the machinery industry as the domestic economic recovery, there is a clear V-reversal, earnings growth driven by accelerating demand for resumption of growth, cost reduction and cost decrease.


Steel plant span characteristics and fire fighting measures

    With the rapid development of China's economic construction, production and storage space become large, steel frame construction of the plant, to high strength, light weight, large span, lifting to facilitate the construction and construction time is short and so is increasingly the majority of used by manufacturers.

On a microprocessor from the local processor innovation strongman

    He graduated from Stanford University, joined in the late 70s just in microprocessors and reveal the first leg of the intel, and intel involved in the development of cutting-edge microprocessors.
    Subsequently,booster cables in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University study involved during the development of RISC architecture, helping to create the MIPS MIPS microprocessor development company and served as vice president, after which he joined the EDA giant Synopsys company, responsible for product definition and as well as IP reuse strategy, worked hard in the industry in nearly 20 years later, in 1997, he finally has his own company, battery clip he tried a new product to change the charge of SoC design, and now he's this new product has been applied to DoCoMo's 4G mobile phones, Samsung's 3D Blu-ray player, the Nintendo game console, ATI graphics card, HP laser printers and other electronic products.


Appreciation of the renminbi is expected to increase exports of electrical equipment companies, "mixed"

    Core Tip: Not long ago, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association released the "first quarter of 2010 economic operation of electrical equipment industry" (hereinafter referred to as "analysis"), booster cables in which issues of concern and measures need to recommend a clear reference in: Power Equipment enterprises "of the RMB appreciation is to be prepared."

Yushu earthquake: Fire tough fight continues

    They had thousands of miles across the emergency relief had sleepless days writing a sense of loyalty to heaven and earth. Now, in every scene reconstruction, resettlement area in all areas, still see them busy.
    In the settlements, they got into the tent, hands-on teaching of the affected people how to use fire extinguishers; at the site, booster cables they carefully check the electrical lines, to ensure the construction does not leave security vulnerabilities. They non-stop, day and night visits, constant vigilance to ensure the reconstruction of fire safety; them out of distress,battery clip where the need arises --- where they are from Yushu in Qinghai Province Public Security Fire Department fire the implementation of relief headquarters, duty tasks officers and men ... ...


Beware of immersion into the "sick Sicko" flooded car maintenance to be cored

    "Replacement of spare parts again!" Since the flooding two years ago, Ford S-MAX car owners have to deal with small problems Mr. Chen continued the status quo.
    Year after flooding to the 4S shop car to check, among other places outside the engine did not find any problems, but after replacing the engine re-use, "simply became sick Sicko, is not at fault here is where to strike.booster cables " 4S shop because of back trouble recently, technicians round of consultation did not identify the problem, the answer is to stay shop waiting for review. Related: sales broke out after the rain water is still a blank card static water flooding into the market car problem car was flooded car to conceal vehicle in a higher price: the end of the maintenance volume 2 / 3 can be repaired


PTC with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering Teaching Model hand in hand

    May 11, 2010, "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center opening ceremony held at the Beijing Construction Engineering College, PTC PTC University, vice president of the company have PAN following, PTC Senior Director, Asia Pacific Education Gregory Bachman Sisk and other senior PTC .

The rise of smart home industry and the development outlook

    Smart home, or smart house to house as a platform, both buildings, network communications, information appliances, equipment, automation, collection system, structure, service and management as one of the efficient,booster cables comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment.

Into a battery electric car is far from simple engine


    Green electric vehicles to bring the dream of mankind is obvious that free from dependence on fossil fuels, booster cables but does not produce emissions of transport, in theory, be called "the most environmentally friendly" means of transport. This is the man to do more than a century, has not yet achieved the dream.


Residential Fire Cause Analysis and Countermeasures Probe

    With economic development, land resources, the growing shortage of residential housing is no longer the original single-layer or multi-storey buildings, residential high-rise buildings has become the main choice, combined with high-end residential home decoration, household appliances and household transport tools increases, booster cables gas, gas, natural gas and other tools of modern life more and more people into the family, they continue to provide convenient, but also to the highly civilized society disaster.


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