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UBS: Coke or on the A shares of General Electric

    (Reporter Di Mengyu) with? Mainland market rebound, the market's long-silent new shares to restart soon,booster cables attracted a lot of attention from investors, many foreign enterprises to the A-share market of considerable interest currency card.

General Electric as a result of foreign peace out authentic country life or replacement

    Deep in the development of China's peace and quiet waiting for regulatory response, the Shenzhen Development and General Electric Finance International Finance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as General Electric) in the period of "old friends" put out.

[Electrical Equipment] Electrical equipment: Energy Policy shot trillion market gradually opened the door

    Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced on June 15, "Project to support energy management contract (Trial)": By contract energy management projects, energy savings of 15% to 25% of the enterprises, booster cables the government will give no higher than 20% of project investment subsidies, energy savings of more than 25% of project investment companies with less than 30% of the subsidy.

Dongfang Electric, Morgan Stanley see that 44 per

   Research report published by Morgan Stanley, the Dongfang Electrical Machinery (01072) Investment rating by the "big city Sync" moved to "overweight," target price from 15.7 yuan to 44.07 yuan increase substantially to reflect the growth of its nuclear power business,booster cables higher than expected gross margin of wind power and coal-generating capacity of better than expected.


Electric injection molding machine method of fault analysis and description

   Part of the phenomenon of electrical fault causes for the failure troubleshooting.

   The motor can not start.

   1, no control power.

   2,booster cables fuse failure or fire.

Investment in Securities: high level of electrical optimistic about the State Grid Corporation entered the strategic impact

    High level of electrical (600 312) today announced 2009 interim report, operating income fell 8.80%, excluding non-recurring gains and losses net profit fell 17.88%,booster cables EPS 0.138 million, slightly better than previous market expectations.

KGI: high level of electrical UHV Reviews of new projects (research report)

    New 1000KV the company for 10 years on the circuit performance improvement is huge.

    New contract 1.119 billion company in the first half (excluding the bid to be signed project contract 5 billion),booster cables down 34.17%, in addition to net the first half of the country to reduce the amount of 220-550KV tender, the company did not participate due to technical problems the State Grid in 2009 the first half of the second order is also bidding to reduce one of the reasons.

Century Securities: XJ Electric assets into the net in the contemporary era entered the country in the long term benefits

    2009 revenues of 1.063 billion yuan in the first half the company rose 11.89% year on year operating profit growth of 81.30% 87,419,300 yuan; net profit of 57.1453 million yuan year on year growth of 34.59%; to achieve 0.15 per basic earnings per share of net assets yield 2.61%.

Freescale Cadence model-based physical and electrical

    Cadence Design Systems (CDNS) today announced that Freescale Semiconductor through the use of Cadence's "design once successful" prevention, analysis, implementation and signoff solutions for successful implementation of a network of 45-nanometer chip design flow,booster cables the solution can help speed up the amount of production time and increase predictability.

Civil engineering and drainage, electrical installation, etc.

    Industry: machinery and electronic appliances.
    Standard information categories: domestic bidding.
    Source: other.
    Location: Yunnan.

    1. PRC Government has received a World Bank loan for construction projects in Yunnan Urban Environmental Construction,booster cables part of the loan funds will be used for waste disposal project in Lijiang Old Town District sanitary landfill construction contracts (LJ/1.1.1) qualified under the payments. The existing issued by the World Bank "Procurement Guidelines" set forth in the qualified bidders may participate in the bidding.


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