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Fu electrical engineers in Egypt to communicate the progress of works

    April 8, 2010 to 12, our full range of electrical engineers to Egypt electrical issues related to communication.
    Prior to that,booster cables Egypt has 13 years of experience in the Chair of lead glass furnace electrical control experienced engineers in the original layout of electrical engineers to grasp the overall situation on the basis of electrical, battery clip electronic control for the electric furnace with us on the details of a detailed in-depth communication, and further for both common goal of -40 tons opal glass smooth electric furnace project and providing technical exchanges, lead electric furnace for Egypt's experience,tow rope we should also have some articles to do.

Chengde-rich engineering firms electrical communication engineering progress in Egypt

    Ben Wang Fu glass technology from the Chengde Engineering Co., Ltd. was informed in 2010, April 8 to 12,booster cables Chengde rich electrical engineer at the company's full range of electrical issues related to Egypt's communication.

State General Electric drive the project in Dalian in the Golden State Foundation

      June 29, General Electric Co., Ltd. Dalian State Drive project foundation laying ceremony was held in New Golden State.
     Dalian Jinzhou District Party Working Committee,booster cables the CMC director Zhang Shikun, Golden State District Party Working Committee, the CMC Wu Jihua, deputy director of Beijing Sinovel Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., Dalian Guotong Chairman Han Junliang Electric Co., Ltd.,battery clip Dalian Heavy Industries? Crane Group Vice President Tianchang Jun, Golden State Bureau of New District Management Committee related to the leadership,tow rope cooperation, business leaders, group leaders and other relevant offices, attended the ceremony.


Export-led demand for railway equipment will continue to rise

   July 13, China and Argentina signed a 100 billion dollars in rail cooperation agreement.booster cables Analysts pointed out that China already has become the world center of rail equipment manufacturing capacity to the Ministry of Railways led to the alliance of the main railway related enterprises "going out" strategy in 2010 into the harvest period.

Jiuzhou Electric high-voltage converter into the steel by the Yongchang

     Recently, Yongchang Iron and Steel Company in Yunnan, the project tender, Jiuzhou Electric independent research and development production high voltage inverter with its advanced technology, booster cables high reliability and excellent cost advantages once again come out on top, get orders.


Nippon Electric Glass substrates estimate the next quarter operating profit increased 100%

     World's 3rd largest manufacturer of LCD glass substrate Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) today announced that, due to increased demand for LCD glass substrate,booster cables so the season (April-June 2010) showed a combined situation of the industry profits?battery clip Business benefits from April 27 estimate of 360 to 41 billion yen to 43 billion yen on the repair (about 4 times over the same period the year before).

Aimed at energy saving in electrical power into high voltage inverter

    High-voltage power converter due to the role of energy saving is very significant, has become a tool for energy saving one.
    There are signs that, with the national macro-control policies, booster cables as well as the introduction of energy saving policies, the development of high-voltage inverter is ushering in a golden age. And it is this huge green fancy cake, battery clip and Power Electric Group to enter the high-voltage converter made a strategic decision to market.


New technologies boost the rapid development of concrete pump market

    With the accelerated pace of China's economy, many large construction projects have been launched, the market showed a surge in demand for concrete machinery situational.
    Meanwhile,booster cables the state has banned the introduction of an urban policy to use on-site mixed concrete, concrete pump trucks and other concrete machinery explode.battery clip These favorable external conditions for the development of concrete pump provided a broad space. At present, the concrete pump market, although sales are still small, but the technical content and high value-added products,tow rope the domestic market in the Trinity, and other domestic companies in joint development, driven by rapidly.


Flame retardant industry should pay attention to the three changes

    According to the provisions of Ministry of Public Security, July 1, the public places a mandatory fire-retardant. The successful implementation of this policy, the domestic fire-retardant materials,booster cables manufacturers can provide the necessary fire-retardant products, technical support has become critical. So,battery clip flame-retardant products industry ready?


Fu Ke Puwei Corporation selected members of the U.S. Russell Index

  Fu Ke Puwei Corporation (Nasdaq: FSIN), a leading global manufacturer of bimetallic wire products are widely used in radio communications, booster cables public facilities, lines, automotive, power transmission lines and other electrical equipment.


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