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Private steel enterprises is more to be "wedding"

    Restructuring China's steel enterprises, such as wave attack, one after a wave has hit, Shandong Iron and Steel Group was set up in less than three months,booster cables the 28th of this month, the United Guangzhou Iron and Steel Baosteel, Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel form steel Group held a formal opening ceremony, the next day morning, Hebei Iron and Steel Group has officially launched.


The Timken Company and the Tianjin Cement Institute signed a large order together again

    Shanghai, China on August 11 -2008 - The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) today announced that its technology with the Chinese cement industry leader in the development and equipment - Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.booster cables (Tianjin Cement House) - re-signed a large order, for the Tianjin Cement homes more than 50 vertical mill equipment bearings.


Lighting companies take a ride out the Olympic marketing

    When IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch ringing to say "Beijing" moment, the Olympic marketing already started.
    Today, dedicated to the Olympic marketing and non-Olympic marketing companies have started the final sprint before the Olympics,booster cables some of them full use of the Olympic Games made a good head of resources, and some creative marketing in the absence of their buried sound, some use of innovative strategies to obtain a certain amount of attention, battery clip and some is bound to a sparring.


Bosch Power Tools China market strategy to accelerate innovation

    In 1928, the world's first hand-held controller with an electric motor sales of power tools available.

    Maintaining an annual increase of 100 new products in the pace of breakthrough innovations, booster cables continued to lead the global power tool industry.


The construction of wind power and solar thermal has made significant achievements

    Is here at the national wind energy, solar and other renewable resource utilization study class, said Xu Xiaofeng, deputy director of China Meteorological Administration, after years of efforts,booster cables China in wind power and solar thermal building has made remarkable achievements in solar energy needs of rural energy demand has played an important role.


Steel 2008 Keywords: cost-effective high prices

    First half of 2008 included medium and large steel Steel Association statistics, corporate profits rose 26%. From the current situation, the steel industry in 2008 net profit is expected to increase 30% -40%. "High-cost, high price, high efficiency" booster cables is the 2008 running of the characteristics of the steel industry.


China's power shortage would hurt manufacturing exports affected

    China's manufacturing unexpectedly strong growth could be the electricity shortage will increase the drag, which could further push up inflation in China is at the high rate.

    China is now facing the most serious since 2004, power shortages,booster cables the price is determined by the government, which means that many power plants facing a "loss of production that" the difficulty. China now has more than a dozen provinces to restrict industrial use of electricity, battery clip while the Beijing Olympic Games, in efforts to ensure the power supply. National Grid Company (StateGridCorp.) executives have been sent to other Olympic co-host cities to ensure that the power supply.tow rope National Grid control the vast majority of China's power lines.


The development of high-grade diamond tools

    West Science and Technology Department issued a development of laser welding ultra-thin diamond drill bits, diamond wire saws, glass processing,booster cables research tasks with the diamond wheel.


To increase the technological breakthrough into the Northwest bearing capacity bottlenecks

    Northwest Bearing Co., Ltd. for the transformation of the financial year more than doubled last year. The company official said that with the gradual implementation of technology projects,booster cables the company's equipment levels will be significantly improved overall processing capacity will further enhance product quality has improved steadily,battery clip ultimately will greatly contribute to the enterprise market development and industrial upgrading .


Tianma Bearing: General Bearing income growth in line with expectations

    General Bearing revenue growth in line with expectations. In the first half, Pegasus shares general bearing sales income 500 million yuan, booster cables an increase of 79%, gross profit margin reached 43%.


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