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Liyuan Hydraulic Components Hydraulic asset prices rose steadily re-

    2008 January to June, Liyuan Hydraulic Company achieved operating income of 896 million yuan, an increase of 62.33%; operating profit of 101 million yuan,booster cables an increase of 73.79%; 85.82 million yuan net profit attributable to parent company, an increase of 51.08%; diluted earnings per share of 0.48 yuan.


Pneumatic tools market has matured to be optimistic about business

    As more households to the brand management business line forward, a number of domestic and foreign famous product have been introduced to meet the needs of different consumers. booster cables Pneumatic tools is one of them. According to reports, its manufacturing technology, materials and measurement control, to be more advanced than the electric tools.


From the Chery A5: A look at the safety factor of Class

    When the car was originally used as a vehicle in front of people, it's the biggest concern is the comfort and speed, but with the rapid growth of car ownership, traffic accidents also will be grown. booster cables Therefore, the vehicle safety performance in recent years as car manufacturers put in front of a serious problem.

Schaeffler to acquire the formation of auto parts giant Continental

    Well-known auto parts and tire company Continental (Continental) 8 announcement on 21 February, will receive large bearing manufacturer Schaeffler Group (SchaefflerGroup) acquisition.booster cables The two companies have invested 4 years to 50% the proportion of control conditions such as the acquisition agreement. After the acquisition,battery clip Schaeffler will be second only to Japan in the auto parts and electrical equipment manufacturers such as Bosch and top.


Tariff adjustment of the steel industry is facing early "winter"

    Just enter the fall, a NDRC will adjust tariffs on rumors began to feel the cold steel dealers.

    Prior to rising steel prices all the way to finally calm. "Steel prices have recently every day,booster cables or 50 yuan to 100 yuan per ton decline in prices." Jinan Iron and Steel, a distributor Chujing Li said that the most recent market panic,battery clip the cost of steel has increased, most of the steel price has dropped to cost less.


Miao foot tower from memory using 30 tons of steel Daoti

    Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, 396, "Torch" performer, climbing on the "memory tower" into a cluster of huge torch burning in people's minds.

    The biggest highlight of the closing ceremony is more than 10 months after the completion of the.


Chinese and foreign enterprises for the huge demand for aftermarket filter

    In recent years, the rapid development of China's auto industry, stimulating the market demand for auto parts, filter industry is one example. Expected in 2010,booster cables China's auto market demand will increase to filter 570 million units in 2020 will reach 1.16 billion units.


GE Olympic Games will change China's economy 1.7 billion mask into the bag football

    When the "Bird's Nest" Olympic flame above the burning off yesterday, reluctantly, watching all these wonderful people are 16 days to say goodbye. But the spirit of the Olympic Games will not be extinguished,booster cables and the Olympic economy did not say goodbye to China in the post-Olympic economy,battery clip the concept of the Olympic Games will continue to add momentum for sustained economic development, vitality and stamina.


Procurement Express: September 3 folders, books, paper shopping spree

    Procurement topics: office supplies and hardware shopping spree.

    Procurement covers the industry: Office supplies Hardware.

    Strength of the buyers: Electrical Equipment Co., a Henan Province.


Rio Tinto in the first half revenue rose 55% still refuse to buy BHP Billiton

    BHP Billiton announced in a record performance last fiscal year, its takeover target Rio Tinto also announced yesterday the same growth in the semi-annual results, and continue to reject BHP Billiton's takeover offer.
    However, booster cables the "two extension" agreed that the demand for mineral products will weaken the outside world's expectations, "two extension" battery clip of the future is still full of confidence in the demand for minerals.


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