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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

The first half of 2010, machine tool, construction machinery and other profit doubled

 Engineering machinery, machine tools profit doubled. First half of the construction machinery market achieved revenues of 82.182 billion yuan, up 68.17%, achieved net profit of 9.455 billion yuan,booster cables  up 122.74 percent; ROE 17.31%, up to 109.6%.

Song and dance entertainment fire hazards exist and countermeasures

Since the people's living standards rising, song and dance entertainment as mushrooming all over the urban and rural areas, these places bring pleasure to people in the same time, also brought a huge fire hazard.According to statistics, in recent years, the national song and dance entertainment fire situation is very serious, Qunsiqunshang fires have occurred, causing a large number of casualties and huge property losses caused by the people singing and dancing entertainment fire safety seriously.I work in conjunction with their practice, singing and dancing entertainment hidden problems existing research and analysis, and proposed countermeasures.


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