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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

Dongguan help community fire safety firewall mode

   Since last December, according to the deployment of the provincial government, Dongguan City to Wancheng, East, South City,ratchet tie dowm Wan Jiang, four city streets as the center, carried out a thorough fire safety community to promote and build a "firewall" pilot project work.


Xiamen Fire: innovative products, construction and fire safety control

   Supervision of construction and fire protection products are fire inspection the "key", but because of regulatory responsibility of the relevant functional departments of supervision and law enforcement system does not result in system that is not clear, it is inevitable drain pipe out of control,ratchet tie dowm Xiamen collaboration through the establishment of the regulatory mechanism, the fire community Management achieved significant results.


Good News Snapshots: integration into the community, close to the demand

    Innovation has always been that science should be the first based on social and human needs good information Phenom Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing recently because the market will soon be listed by the widespread concern in society.


Focus on user needs to create a digital home service model Changhong

    "You look at the TV is it? Phone is used to fight it?

     Home is to live it? "Recently, Changhong" digital home / Intelligent Community "Seminar on Technology and demand held in Mianyang, the participants of the consumer representatives who met with experts in the field when the three issues thrown, surprised a moment, but after reading a on digital home video, ratchet tie dowm doubts Dunxiao, have lamented, "is subversive, original life can be so ... ..."


Denise Denton harvest water heater warranty 6 "scrap of paper"

    Liu, who lives east of the river area Fumin aunt, 5 years ago bought a Denise Denton water heater. Just last night, went for her turn to go home and found a leaking water heater, whole house water over the floor. Originally thought that the commitment by the warranty, you can repair water heaters. Who become like, the original commitment to really become a dead letter.


Classic case of the wiring routing control center in Chongqing railway

    Recently, SIMON Electric, with its superior product performance, professional services skills, once again won the favor of the transport sector, successful implementation of the local railway in Chongqing City, Command and Control management center.


Hardware knowledge: to teach you how to identify the cable and traditional copper alloy

    Aluminum cable (referred to as: alloy cable) different from traditional copper cable, this cable with high elongation aluminum alloy materials, aluminum and other materials by adding iron, and pressed through a special process and stranded annealing, the aluminum alloy in the gap 'crush' clean and reduce the cross-sectional area of ??the cable has good flexibility.


Concrete pump truck with a crane domestic export opportunities facing

    China concrete pump truck and crane will face export opportunities, and other products subject to emission standards for construction machinery is still difficult barriers to export to Japan, so the benefit small.

    Concrete pump is the use of continuous pressure on the concrete along the pipeline transportation of machinery. By the pump and delivery tube. Form of the structure is divided into piston, squeeze-type, hydraulic diaphragm. booster cables Pump installed in the vehicle chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflection of the placing boom to form pump. Concrete pump truck chassis is made to transform, which is installed in the chassis movement and power transmission, pumping and mixing devices,battery clip fabric devices and other assistive devices. Through the power of concrete pump power transfer case will be sent to the pump power of the engine group or rear axle, push the piston driven hydraulic pump concrete pump. Then placing boom on the truck and pipeline, the concrete delivery to a certain height and distance.


Domestic challenges the concept of mobile phone technology is not difficult to model difficult to iPhone


    Tian Fei, 31 years old, Master of Design. Focus on digital products, brands and integrated media experience design.

    Linephone concept phone designs, including GE Edison Award for Asia Pacific Awards 07 images and process design, NOKIA celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Chinese Academy of site design and image, "Hello beautiful" booster cables brand image design, and many other projects to upgrade.


Delphi Electronics Show in Shanghai, innovative technology

    Recently, in 2011 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, Delphi Corp. showcased its range of key used in electric vehicle electrical / electronic architecture, data connectivity and active safety technologies and products, including electric vehicles, electrical and electronic systems, portable charger system, battery pack, high pressure / shielded harness and wire, battery monitoring devices, high voltage electrical center connector system, and the use of Delphi's advanced anti-collision technology, radar and cameras.


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