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TV "TM": business people a bit dizzy with high discount

    May 19, appliance, "TM" approved; June 3 TM "plan" was promulgated, appliance, "trade" activities in the television sets, refrigerators, washing machines,booster cables air conditioners, computers Category 5 appliance manufacturers to begin the pilot started. Appliances active renewal activities will not only help the domestic consumer market,battery clip to help tide over the difficulties the national economy financial crisis, more conducive to strengthening the recycling of used appliances to protect the environment, and conducive to the public from the fundamental benefits.


Ningbo United Nations procurement mission to win the opportunity to purchase printing and other industries

    "To sell their products to the United Nations agencies is difficult, and now the door has such a good opportunity, how can you miss?" Yesterday, general manager of Ningbo Food Co., booster cables Dongxiang Mao Mao Qing, told reporters. He said a good opportunity for the Eighth International Consumer Goods Fair is an important set by the United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Fair ---.battery clip This is the first delegation to United Nations Procurement Division Ningbo procurement, eager to expand the market for now, by order of the export enterprises, great attraction.


To create a CNC machine tool remanufacturing business

    Although ownership of the machine close to 700 million units, has become the world's largest machine tool to maintain state, but the overall level of machine is still relatively backward, many of the 20th century, booster cables 80 years before the product is still extended service, can not meet the requirements of precision .

Delphi leadership and promote the development of standardized wiring harness

    Data exchange format developed for the automotive universal standard is based on many reasons, not only because in recent years,booster cables automotive electrical and electronic components continues to increase, and the necessary number of design and development tools is also increasing. battery clip Since different stages of the project, a variety of different vendors and technologies exist, resulting in the development process at beam-line data compatibility issues.

Urgent out of high-end import dependence Broaching

    "Foreign technology blockade of broaching a very serious, we basically rely on a number of high-end products from Germany, the United States, Japan,booster cables Italy and other imports, and import trend is getting worse." In recent days, pull plug Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Executive Vice plane President Tanjian Wu told reporters on the China Industry News,battery clip breaking the monopoly of foreign Broaching high-end products and technological blockade is imperative.


Idealists He Lumin

    Material deprivation of the last century, from the 80's, have started to enter the sub-areas of the humidifier, and has achieved 70% market share. After winning a single product, booster cables Asia are beginning to try to build strengths in new areas.


LED semiconductor lighting industry abnormal "rise" of Revelation

    July 25, from Hebei Province, the Government and the Institute for the CLP Group XIII semiconductor lighting joint venture (the LED) industry projects have been formally put into production, booster cables with a total investment of 3.9 billion.


Western Electronics Show and the latest technology products Looking Hot

    Western Electronics Show in the upcoming August 27-29 at the Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition of components, instruments, electronic equipment, and other areas of manufacturers, distributors of electronic design industry for the Midwest to inject new blood.booster cables What this exhibition will bring technology and the latest hot product, then interpret for you.


Chongqing fire fight against massive flood disaster documentary

    Thunder and lightning, heavy rain, such as columns, monster flood four channeling. 3 to 4 August, Chongqing, parts of the case by a sudden rainstorm rare raid.
    Large rainfall, oncoming force of the fierce, scope, totally unexpected weight loss,booster cables landslides, roads were destroyed, houses were flooded and people trapped in the vehicle and other accidents occur frequently, people's lives and property threatened. The face of sudden disaster, Chongqing, police heard an emergency fire brigade strike,battery clip risking his own life, hunger and cold tolerance, selfless, continuous operations, take practical action to write one after another "people's fire for the people," the red life paean.


Sino-US energy cooperation to develop new first

    New Sino-US energy cooperation should be developed first. "September 14, 2009 China-US Energy Forum in Shanghai. From the Chinese Ministry of Science, U.S. Department of Energy, booster cables the Shanghai government leaders and experts in the field of new energy between the two countries, bilateral cooperation on new energy to reach a consensus.


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