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Explanation "made in China" electric tool three big advantage

Our country electric tool exports have accounted for the world power tools of sales 70 to 80%, has become one of the main electric tools manufacturing countries and products exporter. According to the author understanding, this is mainly thanks to our country national condition of good, on the whole, our electric construction has the following three advantages:


Saving and environmental protection: the first strategic emerging industries (with benefit shares)

    "This is the best of times, this is the worst of times," and this Dickens in "Tale of Two Cities," the famous opening words, apply the most suitable energy-saving environmental protection industry, however.

Rail off the assembly line to break the foreign monopoly China Chip

     December 14, with the first batch of the world's most advanced level of the maximum power IGBT products in China, North Yongji Electric car off the assembly line successfully. This marks the Yongji Electric Company has become the fourth world,booster cables the domestic first voltage level to more than 6500V IGBT packaging manufacturers.


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