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Quality is the life of the brand

Actively introduce advanced technology, the development of independent innovation with good performance booster cables
Currently, the majority of small cable companies to China, the brand of capacity is still quite fragile. After all, booster cable in the huge Chinese market, a large number of small cable businesses, has been fighting for market share not by way of the brand. Of course this is not the brand itself, but the majority of medium and small cable companies in China do not have the capacity and strength of the brand. In other words, China can do the majority of medium and small cable companies mainly have the name of the product into a commodity, this is not the real brand. In order to join the ranks of brand building, cable companies need to balance good products, channels and services in three areas.
But look at the domestic cable industry, Professional Manufacturer-Weida  Electrical believe that the current can really put the link in the enterprise has few links, many of the so-called brand advertising at best, only more attention to high profile corporate or registered trademarks only. Therefore, we must not be upgraded to "brands", otherwise, this holding is not just killing to kill a business, it is the cable industry's confidence in shaping the brand.
Quality is the life of the brand, which is eternal truths. The relationship between the market and brand, the booster does not represent a brand of high prices, there is a market quality and brand. Throughout the boosters on the market, we find that no one kind of cable products are not closely related to its inherent quality, it is the key to selling well in its products and has become the brand influence.
Therefore, to successfully brand, the most critical product quality and perfect without a good product, brand, there is no carrier, it becomes a shell of the. Excellent quality of products is the cornerstone of the brand. So the key lies you have a good product. Is this a good product to have good quality, good service. This product can be user acceptance, over time, do not drop it into your brand on a lot of money, users were beginning to accept your brand. I think that brand building can be a real long time and does a little vain.
Lack of sense of responsibility and service is poor, medium and small cable companies common problem: the user after the product supply to bother the user issues reflected in unresponsive or even no response. The reason:
One is short-sighted trade-style "ship will make a" thinking. Some small cable companies holding each shipment would have to make money ideas, can often be carefully calculated before shipment, the result is more they want more money while losing money, because money is needed to guarantee a certain volume of sales.
Second, naive "to issue product will sell like hotcakes" ideology. Some small cable companies in the investment before the mind is that people do want to make a number of how many will sell this product will definitely like a promising future, but do not know to be arduous.
Third, responsibility and service to understand the serious mistakes. Some small cable companies and service charge will be customers for their understanding as they realize the customer is responsible for is that they are responsible for customer service is self-serving - the customer is an extension of business, the customer is the enterprise market conduct market operations extension of operating behavior, they do well, companies will not have sales, there can be no profit.
Actively introduce advanced technology, the development of independent innovation with excellent performance booster cable equipment. Currently, booster cables and products in key manufacturing equipment and more advanced equipment, technical level of the gap is still large, mainly in low productivity, low degree of automation, greater energy consumption, poor reliability, it can not meet the industry development, digestion and absorption of a serious lag. Wire and cable equipment, skills, performance and reliability of wire and cable products for improving the quality, production efficiency, material efficiency benefits are immeasurable. We should actively introduce advanced technology, development of excellent innovation, high levels of wire and cable equipment for the cable industry to create booster cycle economy. Finally, the positive development of environmentally friendly wire and cable products, wire and cable products to enhance waste recycling. At present, the production of large-scale use of rubber booster cable products, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other polymers chemical materials. Wire and cable products in the production process produces a large number of toxic and harmful gases. Therefore, we should actively develop environment-friendly raw material wire and cable, wire and cable production of environmentally friendly products. Fujikura, Japan and other cable companies in the development of environmentally friendly wire and cable products, to monopolize the market, and actively promote the Government issued the environmental protection standard wire and cable products. In recent years, environment-friendly booster cable sales share of rapidly expanding, the ordinary fire-retardant wire and cable booster cable and simply can not compete. Production process in the booster cable Scrap generated, can be directly recycled and reused. Proposed professional "PVC" waste recycling plant, fixed processing, uses, to avoid secondary pollution.
Actively promote the Al RE optimization technology. With the production of electrical aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling process has been very popular in China, performance is also good, but the equipment still at the development level of the early 70s, not much technical innovation. To actively promote our unique aluminum RE optimization technology. Some of the key using imported equipment and technology, add special aluminum alloy, the aluminum melting furnace burning coal converted into oil or natural gas furnace for melting aluminum, the total elimination of coal-fired aluminum melting furnace coal dust and smoke emissions, and set the gas flue gas purification filter, improve emissions quality, increase yield, reduce costs, while enabling wire temperature increased from 70 ℃ to 150 ℃, carrying capacity increased 1.6 times.

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