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Brand: market, paving stone, a symbol of corporate culture!

    Early spring in March, the weather is already warm, but still carries the breeze chilly. Candidates flocked to the office; procurement and sales calls one after another; storage and loading of vehicles in front of delivery vehicles is, booster cables of lively thirty-three; measuring the manufacturing department to function at full capacity,battery clip the job employees are busy ... ... This is Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. since March into the ordinary day.
    If such a day on the same period in previous years, then common enough, tow rope but at this time is so hard, not normal. Since the second half of last year, the financial crisis has swept the world, most enterprises to withstand the turmoil, or go bankrupt, or bankruptcy reorganization, or redundancy reducing the burden,ratchet tie dowm or lack of hard support orders, including the world economic giant, but more small and medium enterprises, trading enterprises, low-quality brands. Analysis of the reasons, nothing more than a few: Product no competitive advantage; enterprises themselves poor management, poor ability to resist risks. The disappearance of these battered businesses and brands, few familiar brands and businesses, there are no bad sectors, only the bankruptcy of enterprises, as well Hsu Fu Chi brand through effective and port beer, results of operations not fall ; Wall Seiko, as the first brand of Chinese hardware tool, although the financial crisis, but did not shake their foundations, and can recover quickly, orders in the strong rebound after the Spring Festival, is a good brand with effective, strong technology, stable quality and perfect service.

    International and domestic economists showed that the financial crisis, the crisis in the organic, is the key to the global economy during the re-shuffle. Those low-technology, brand and poor efficiency, management is weak, the high cost and low profit margins, lack of innovation in the enterprise will be forced out of the market situation. Survival of the fittest is a natural law of market economy, accelerate the global crisis to play the role of industrial restructuring, the just-concluded two of the country, out of 4 trillion economic stimulus package, proposed the "livelihood security", "to promote domestic demand," and a series of strategic guideline for the development of domestic enterprises specified direction, it also brings a new round of economic growth, but also to the domestic enterprises to put forward higher requirements, brand building is undoubtedly the enterprise survival and development of the best choice.

    Brand, is the embodiment of comprehensive strength, which includes corporate culture, talent pool, technology, product quality, service quality, reputation, and other business activities with all the factors. Brand, is the first choice of consumers, including consumer confidence, national regulators and market recognition. Therefore, the brand is the market paving stones, a good brand image, is to open markets, a necessary condition for market share is bigger and stronger business base, is one of the companies the protection against risk.

    Brand building, rely on the policy of foreign laws and regulations, market positioning, branding, sales strategies, channel building, internal and rely on is the corporate culture. The construction of enterprise culture relies on hardware and software, hardware, referring to corporate infrastructure, such as plants, facilities equipment, water, electric, office environment, the software is that the company personnel and management system.

    Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd., covering 20 million square square, green area of about 5.5 million square feet, the standard plant, advanced equipment, cleaning the dining hall, five-star accommodation area, perfect water and electricity network office facilities, Yuyao City and even one of the few garden in Ningbo factory; company has implemented quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system for product quality, environmental protection and physical and mental health staff has provided a guarantee; the same time, the corporate environment beautiful, perfect union, preferential treatment, and improve employee benefits, attracting a large number of good people. Talents to accelerate the building of enterprise culture, from the company since its establishment over 25 years, the Great Wall Seiko corporate culture has the basic shape has been popular. Fought through the efforts of all staff, the Great Wall of China Precision Hardware tool industry before the first brand, the company has also made numerous honors, harvest numerous patents.

    Excellent brand and business must have an excellent behind the staff, but to build good team is not always an easy task, and our staff, from all different regions have different social environments, different educational backgrounds different work experience, the quality of staff than others.

    Establish a "people-oriented" management philosophy, will manage the staff team is divided into four categories: those who are willing to have the ability to be important positions or as a focus on training of cadres reserves, the ability to motivate those without will and the will to those who can not afford the training, no capacity nor the will of those who will be eliminated. Cycle, persistence, and create a passionate, full of opportunities and challenges, learn from each other, competing corporate culture, enterprise development and brand building to provide a solid foundation. Seiko Wall, like the ship sailing in the ocean, the destination is the "hardware and tools to build China's first brand, created a hundred years old plant." Corporate decision-making is the master, mate, for us to grasp the direction, develop policy, strategies, objectives, middle management and frontline employees grassroots is the crew, which is the implementation layer, through teamwork to ensure that company policies, goals are attained. Clear the respective roles and division of labor, and work methods in order to play a large extent the strength of the team, ensuring the same direction, forming together, so that 1 1> 2, "chemical reaction", and ultimately the company's brand strategy. Mr. and animal husbandry, "do prior life," Mr. Cheng "details determine success or failure," Honeywell International CEO Larry Bossidy and senior consultant Ram Charan, co-authored "implementation - how to complete the task of learning" by Liu, president of Legend Holdings, a large number of outstanding domestic respected entrepreneurs, from their point of view reflected in the comprehensive globally recognized method of work 5W2H analysis, namely: (1) WHY - why? Why do this? Why? What is the reason? (2) WHAT - What is it? What is the purpose? What do you do? (3) WHERE - Where? Where do? Where to start? (4) WHEN - when? What time is completed? What is the most appropriate time? (5) WHO - Who? Who pays? Who will be completed? Who is responsible? (6) HOW - how to do? How to improve efficiency? How to implement? What method? (7) HOWMUCH - how much? To what extent? How the number? Level of quality? How the outputs cost?
    Whether it is a continuation of the brand or the company's development, continuous improvement and innovation can not be separated. Continuous improvement culture, technology, product quality, service quality, innovative product features, appearance, specifications, and continuously expand the market. Past success does not mean future success, will die of happiness born of hardship, our goal is to "cast a hundred years old plant," from the company since its establishment 20 years before, still far way to go, we must maintain vigilance enterprise development, the road is always full of thorns, to follow the market economy is the "survival of the fittest" rule, there are risks everywhere, everywhere there is opportunity. As an employee, too, "do not work hard today, tomorrow, looking for work."

    Seiko as part of the Great Wall to see the achievements of the company, and a strong rebound in the financial crisis, there is immense pride in mind, it can have copies of the company's understanding of brand building decisions. But the light has to understand is not enough, we will use to express our commitment to practical action, to "brand in my heart, quality in my hands," "product is the character." In the company's growth, we can gain happiness, honor, self-worth.

    I wish Seiko Great Wall - China's first brand of hardware, can forge ahead, excel again!

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