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Founder Liu Xiaokun: IT technology to promote information dissemination

    People use the most representative of the production tools to represent a historical period, such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, the era of steam. In this mode of thinking to review the 20th century,booster cables we find that in the last 100 years, humans from the age of electricity to the information age.

    This breakthrough in electronic information industry and the rapid development of scientific and technological revolution marked change in all aspects of human social life, battery clip publishing and printing industry is also subject to the baptism of the revolution, has completely changed.

    One.tow rope Information technology to improve the modern printing industry tools, technology led revolution in the printing industry.

    ratchet tie dowm 11th century clay Bi Sheng invented movable type, and 400 years after Gutenberg invented movable type metal, causing the printing history of a technological revolution, in the follow-up time for the last millennium have made important contributions to cultural transmission.

    70 years of the 20th century, a state-sponsored scientific and technological project, "Chinese Information Processing Project" started, as the birth of Chinese characters beginning of laser illumination. The system, invented by the Professor Wang Xuan, Chinese characters stroke complex information through a unique compression technology for high-rate compressed and stored in the computer, using computer Workgroup Edition, using computer-controlled laser illumination device output plate, out of the lead row stereotype of traditional craft, led to another Chinese printing industry technological revolution, to promote the newspaper and publishing industry in China by leaps and bounds, and the first application from the press began to lead China into the digital printing industry in the door.

     Laser typesetting technology from the beginning, is now to continue with Professor Wang Xuan, "is not only the international trend of development of computing technology, but also the country's needs" line of thinking, and other technology vendors with the use of information technology continues to create new production tools, new tools to replace old tools in the process, the printing industry have been greatly improved productivity.

    China's printing industry in the process, has experienced the following phases:

    Satellite remote transmission version replaces the newspaper fax machines, single page description language used by satellite transmission layout, the amount of information that only the traditional fax 1 / 50, quickly applied in the press, newspaper circulation rapidly expanding;

?  color electronic publishing system out of an electronic color scanner, a digital screening and color management technology, one computer to achieve the full-page graphic output, efficiency is greatly improved, in newspapers, Illustrated, magazines and other areas of rapid application;

?  news editing system to bid farewell to the paper and pencil newspaper, from the interviews, writing, editing, transmission, validation, issuance until the group version, Fapai, all of a computer management, and on this basis, developed a database- management as the core digital asset management system, the news production process, automation, so that can add value to news content into digital assets;

?  digital workflow and direct plate-making technology, is gradually to replace the imagesetter, the use of JDF, workflow and other technology to automatically connect to different manufacturers of prepress, printing and finishing systems, composed from order to delivery of the automated production processes;

    The adoption of information technology to improve production efficiency, can be said that the modern history of the printing industry, technological progress is the use of information technology, constantly, constantly moving in the digital direction of history.

    II. Information technology is changing the publishing and printing business forms.

    Development of information technology not only improves the publishing and printing industry, production tools and, more importantly, it is changing the business forms industry.

    Especially the development of the Internet has changed Web2.0 readers are passive recipients of information, model, blog, podcasts large numbers, so that ordinary people are both recipients of information, but also publishers, interactive information dissemination of this period the main features of the one. Before relying on editors to select content and then copy the distribution of mass information transmission mode, more personalized information can not meet the needs of the people, and a large number of individual information needs has led to diversification. Therefore, the decline in newspaper reading and lead to circulation, advertising revenue decreased, more people turned up to find their own from the network information of interest. Represented by the electronic paper display technology is also new information publishing and printing of books caused the attacks.

    The development of database technology, making information can form the structure of the fragment, knowledge of the content library and information through the Internet to provide on-demand service, so that the business has been in some form of professional fields, especially in the field of academic journals has become a successful business model.

    The morphological changes of several businesses, especially noteworthy:

    (1) digital printing.

    The information needs of the information age is characterized by diversity, individuality, more efficient, this feature has been in the printing business has also been reflected in living pieces of printed copy from the bulk to small quantity and variety, personalized direction, number printing emerged and developed rapidly. From digital printing to make books from the first printing, and then stock, then selling model, selling to the zero inventory first and then print on demand business model changes. In the application of digital printing services in the market not only to government documents, business documents, commercial printing is a typical representative of fast short runs, but also in finance, telecommunications, insurance, securities, direct mail variable data printing industry in the leading role . In recent years, TransPromo combines billing and advertising business in the developed countries, the development of very fast, smooth and even as the overall printing environment attenuation of a rare growth. The personalized printing, such as personalized calendars, photo albums, etc., into the direction of the potential of digital printing. In the technical development of inkjet technology because of the speed, breadth and quality advantages of digital printing equipment has become the mainstream technology. Founder of the introduction of printing with complete independent intellectual property rights system is to make our digital printing system technology has leapt to a new level, but also for our high-end digital printing equipment industry has laid a solid foundation.

    (2) network printing.

    Network Printing (Web-to-Print/W2P) the emergence of information technology and printing technology, combined with one of the most intuitive. It is not a printing technology, not just through the network to exchange print job file, which is the core of an e-business model through the Internet, a network to allow users to transact through the online system, handling matters including create a personalized template, document viewing and soft proofing, printing orders, payments, orders and monitoring to determine the logistics process.

    Network printing market has changed personnel and the interaction between the printed documentation, bringing the biggest difference is to change the business and marketing model. Over time, the network will be completely affected the printing of marketing to promote the printing service provider role to the market changes. This situation has emerged in the U.S. and European markets, printing in the provision of printing services, use of digital printing and other information technology products in data management services, multimedia publishing, digital asset management, direct mail, and one to one marketing services, make your own business expanded to become the market service providers.

    (3) suppliers to the service provider.

    Supplier of the printing industry is provided by the original specific products and applications for the service this product, however, penetrate the network to all aspects of life, social behavior, so profound changes have taken place. Customers in the face of new technology and market opportunities will be at a loss, suppliers, customers began to guide the application of new technologies open up new markets. First of all foreign counterparts were tried, such as the Océ digital printing equipment for their users to create a digital newspaper network (DNN), has become a global, publishing, printing, distribution three bridges; HP try MagCloud personalized self-help magazine publishing in China, Founder also guide the individual images together with HP printing services.

    (4) e-books.

    April of this year's "China Book Business Daily" published in 2008 China's annual report shows that e-books and paper books referred wandering scale stagnation, weak growth in sharp contrast, e-books in the species, the number of transactions and sales volume three indicators, both to maintain the trend of rapid growth, is becoming the new darling of the publishing industry in China.

    PC, laptop, mobile phone, dedicated handheld readers, and PSP, MP4, etc. have become the e-book reading devices. Particularly electronic paper technology has matured, many foreign and domestic companies have launched a new electronic paper technology reader products that power, clarity, layout great reading experience than previous products, the user is increasing rapidly on increasing the impact of paper books.

    (5) Media integration.

    Media integration of different media is not simply a general sense the form of interaction and cooperation, nor is it to use new media to replace paper-based media, but within the same business entities to break the boundaries of different media, different forms of all media content organization to go with a platform for planning, production, production, and then by a different media to publish, in the process requires both structures all media platforms, but also requires the integration of a variety of media culture, which is promoted by Founder publishing model compound.

    In recent years, demand for interactive products and more and more, this feature itself is not publishing and printing needs for development, but in the process of application is used for the publishing and printing industry and reference, bringing new life to . This is why information technology has a way of publishing and printing industries.

    Such as a novel published in the network of their own part of the novel plot, according to the reader's response to written follow-up, and even writing novels together with readers; books online for free reading, after assembling a cause for concern as paper books, access to examples of huge profits few, such as "Ming those things"; Time magazine recently called the Mine to try a combination of magazine subscription, the reader selected from a number of the magazine section of interest, and then automatically assembled into a new magazine, can be printed on paper quality, can also provide an electronic version; new technology more human-computer interaction will bring new experience publishing and printing. The "e paper interaction" model is the concrete expression of media convergence.

    III. In the printing industry's future development, information technology is the main driving force.

    In reviewing the history of publishing and printing industry, and the description of the status quo, we can appreciate the information technology industry advances to play our role in promoting, it has changed the industry's production and business forms, to bring new industry opportunities and challenges for the industry's future development will also have a profound impact.

    Frank Romano industry leading authority in the UK "Printing Week" in the next few years, predicted the development trend of the printing industry, from printing to see:

    Commercial Printing: low production capacity of conventional printing equipment, workflow has not yet fully applied, which have hindered the development of the Indian enterprises. In order to rapidly increase productivity, some Indian plant should consider the need for fully automated with a new printer instead of the two traditional printing presses. There are certain advantages offset, but digital printing in the short and variable data printing areas will achieve much progress.

    Book Printing: Print on demand publishers will eventually choose to reduce inventory and warehousing costs. There will be no books are printed versions, because digital printing can be a from India, so if you book both by offset printing and digital printing, they can meet the minimum version to the longest version from the live parts of any printing needs. Reprint turning to print on demand books, which requires a long version and short runs of hybrid applications.

    Note Printing: With electronic bill delivery and payment applications to be more and more companies, check usage declined. With electronic instruments, commercial paper printing market is changing, notes the need for change in corporate India. With notes and tags will continue to deepen the integration, but we must attach importance to the development of radio frequency identification technology. By printing the RFID chip and antenna connected computer, made into a tag, and then attached to pallets and cartons. Mastered the basic skills of these factors, notes will have a significant opportunity for Indian enterprises.

    Newspaper Printing: Modern-color printing press has been considerable development. But when the news at any time and any place can see, the light a color is not enough. More classified ads network, but print advertising is still a profitable market. To improve the effectiveness of advertising would have to expand home delivery services and direct mail market share. Publishers also for their readers to create an online community.

    Packaging: This market is dynamic, because the brand managers to seek innovative packaging and design. The diversification of products, personalized packaging and printing also requires diversification, and personalization, packaging and printing requires more use of digital printing methods.

    In general, all are worthy of printing technology to open up the market, but digital printing, especially ink jet digital printing will be the most worthy of the technology and look forward to bringing the most extensive applications.

    Publishing and printing industry, from the point of view, with the personalized, interactive and enhanced demand, newspapers, magazines and books will provide personalized products, cross-media publishing and digital printing will be more widely applied.

    Print service providers are improving the level of business equipment technology and product quality, we must also pay attention to their own resources to develop and focus on new markets, the use of information technology product development services to enrich their own role.

    Media convergence trend is not only extends the connotation of printing and copying technology for the printing industry information and provide a wider platform, but also for the printing industry, the construction of information put forward new requirements for information technology made printing more high threshold.

    Between technology and social needs of the dynamic interaction of historical development, the development of printing technology to promote human culture and civilization process. Information technology has been added to this ancient art of new energy, publishing and printing industry in the future development of information technology will be the main driving force.

    Founder decades, has been committed to innovation in information technology, publishing and printing industry in China, the history of technological progress, and wrote a glorious chapter. The future will continue to work to information technology, publishing and printing in China and the world to make greater contribution to the development of the industry.

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