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"Smart grid" in July the introduction of a percentage point is expected to boost GDP

    Perhaps a few years, electricity means that change will occur: the home price is no longer static, it will come at different times of day based on automatic pricing, such as evening peak period, automatic price rise; was only read the meter the amount of power systems, booster cables now you can see the use of electricity in the city.
    To plan for their own electricity; and do not worry about power outages,battery clip because the smart grid in the shortest possible time, automatic recovery; In addition,tow rope home air conditioning is not only capable of sensing external temperature changes, price increases can induction peak changes in time and automatically adjust the use of computing time to help control the power and electricity.

    This is not fiction, but will actually occur around us. According to SW forecasts,ratchet tie dowm National Grid Company in late May will be held, "UHV Conference," a clear direction of development of smart grid, and is expected to introduce smart grid in July the specific plan.

    Is expected to boost GDP by one percentage point.

    Compared with the traditional power grid, smart grid in addition to improving power supply reliability, improve operational management, but more importantly, it is through smart meters and TOU tariff, equipment condition monitoring and other means to reduce expenditures and fixed asset investment power grid operation costs.

    Because of the smart grid power systems in the world today represent the latest changes in the direction of development in the U.S. economic recovery plan, the new President Obama to the United States for large-scale smart power grids. This year in January, the new U.S. President Barack Obama issued a "report scale recovery plan" announced the laying of 3,000 miles of transmission lines or updated, and 40 million U.S. households to install smart meters. In the April 16, 2009, the Obama administration has announced a 40 billion for the development of new power transmission technology plan. Precisely because of this, people are concerned about the smart grid has heated up.

    According to IBM's point of view, the smart grid power systems can be likened to a "central nervous system", the power company through the use of sensors, meters, digital controls, and analysis tools, automatic monitoring network, optimizing network performance, prevent power outages, faster restoration of electricity, consumers of electricity use management can also be refined to each networked device.

    Such as the U.S. "Fortune" magazine, with the distribution system into the computer age, a modern digital network will reduce energy consumption by 10% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 25% and save 80 billion U.S. dollars the cost of new power plants. According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research results show that only the use of digital tools to set temperature and the integration of home price information, energy consumption reduction of 15% per year.

    For China, the implementation of the smart grid in terms of economic value, social value and environmental value in terms of both far-reaching significance. Data show that, due to unpredictable changes in demand, inadequate dispatching management method is difficult to achieve modernization, energy saving and safety, leading to loss of a large number of large generating units coal consumption, the current annual transmission, distribution and client losses of about 9% line loss of about a year 300 billion kwh, equivalent to 1.5 million tons of coal, equivalent to 70 million kilowatts installed capacity of 3,000 billion and 3,000 billion yuan investment in the power grid investment. If the development of superconducting power transmission and the smart grid and greatly improving the demand-side power fluctuations and improve the power grid scheduling deployment, thereby reducing the transmission and distribution aspects of loss, save the coal more than 1 million tons, equivalent to 2008 coal consumption in society as a whole 3.65 %.

    May 18, China Smart Grid interactive seminar on development strategy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief energy expert Wu Jiandong released the "China Development Report of intelligent interactive grid" in the preliminary estimate, since 2009, more than a million in China need to update the substation will 30 million ~ 50 million smart meters change meters to promote the unity of the world's largest power grid system in phases to achieve technology upgrades. According to the policy openness, power can also open broadband, television boxes and other communications, it will be a 3G service is more ambitious than the industrial space, more stimulating domestic demand.
    He also expected that if in 2009 to start the transformation of the national power grid interactive annual gross domestic product could pull (GDP) of about one percentage point.

    Secondary equipment will benefit first.

    For my country, the construction of smart grid will be a long-term planning, the first phase to meet the transportation requirements, safety, and the downstream supply, based on input-based; the second stage, is to go to efficient development. Currently, the world's smart grid technology has been mainly used in the field of electricity and distribution, our country has been doing the basic work on the smart grid, mainly the transformation of distribution network, development of automatic meter reading system, with the development and implementation of distributed generation demand side load management in the management of technology.

    In 2009, the State Grid plans 3 to 5 years into Five, six billion yuan to build on the smart grid, of which 70% to 80% would vote to control, 20% invest in hardware. And 3 years after the prototype of intelligent power grid.

    We believe that the smart power grid construction in the early scheduling of the grid-based systems and digital substation secondary equipment will greatly increase the demand. East China Power Grid in 2008 launched the smart grid, "three-step" strategic plan, the first stage is initially built in 2010, the High Power Dispatch Center, and the number of smart grid substation as the physical basis of the dispatch center at the same time as a senior information collection and command execution unit, will run through the entire process of building the smart grid.

    In this area, as the domestic power grid dispatching automation and a leader in digital substation, State Power NARI is expected to become the biggest beneficiary, at the same time, the National Power South, XJ Electric is also expected to benefit from smart grid.

    In addition to the secondary equipment, the smart device is also an important part of the Smart Grid such listed company has high level of electrical, Siyuan Electric and Eastern appliances.

    With the construction of the further development of smart grid, smart meters of superconducting cable and the demand on the increase, in the field of smart meters, the Great Wall development, science and electronics are expected to be the beneficiaries of land; in the field of superconducting cable, for high technology and is new to the world only a few companies able to produce, and in the A-share listed companies, in addition to actively explore the Pou Sheng Shares are superconducting cable market, Wing Ding is also targeting this area shares.

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