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BASF Engineering Plastics innovative solutions to meet customer needs

    BASF's engineering plastics business has always been innovation-driven, customer-centric. BASF at the Technology Center with the support of cooperation with customers all application development projects,booster cables BASF's business is built on the basis of these items.
    Customers will be jointly developed applications based on purchase of engineering plastics. battery clip BASF Engineering Plastics to provide customers with tailored solutions. Our products are used in many industries.

    BASF products help customers meet the challenges the automotive industry. tow rope Car companies are seeking solutions to reduce production costs. Strive to make vehicles more energy efficiency. In reducing body weight,ratchet tie dowm reduce emissions and improve vehicle safety.

    As a substitute for metal, plastic can solve the above several challenges. Plastic parts in many cases, lower cost, and lighter than steel or aluminum components, thus reducing the weight of the entire body, while further reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

    In Europe, cars average 20 kg of polyamide (or nylon). Such as in the Volkswagen Golf car in high-volume use in the capacity of 25 kg, the BMW 1 series even reached 28 kg. By contrast, the average car usage in China is only 5-6 kg. This shows that Chinese carmakers in the mature applications to replace the metal potential of polyamide, and other car manufacturers many years ago that has a standard of its formation.

    Previously used for automotive interior plastics, and now more and more OEM manufacturers in China began to replace metal with plastic powertrain and chassis as part of the key components. Let us look at more examples.

    BASF Ultramid ? plastic made from the intake manifold is to use plastic to reduce weight and reduce the cost of an example.

    The metal replacing the intake manifold after the plastic material, the part weight by 40%, to achieve the energy reduction. Smooth wall significantly reduced air resistance, improved engine performance. And compared to aluminum intake manifold, plastic intake manifold to increase the horsepower of more than 3%. Currently, JAC (JAC Automotive Co., Ltd.), in its cars on the MPV Refine adopted by the BASF's Ultramid ? is made of plastic intake manifold.

    BASF's innovative products from Ultradur ? highSpeed certainly for large parts, such as the great skylight frame such as injection molding materials. Ultradur ? HighSpeed containing nanoscale additives because of their liquidity or at least more than twice the standard level of products, which can reduce the cooling time, and then the whole cycle time reduced by 30%, which is processed and engineers are very important advantage. Because of the low melt viscosity, Ultradur ? HighSpeed only a lower injection pressure and injection temperature, which can save up to 20% of energy.

    Currently, BASF is the HighSpeed technology in polyamide Ultramid in. Spiral flow length measurement proved UltradurHighSpeed liquidity increased by 70%, while its resistance to heat aging has also been enhanced. This allows the production of these new materials into the engine compartment of large parts (such as cylinder head covers or intercooler cover) is the ideal wood. In this area, the processor can use a good flow of new products in order to save materials and reduce vehicle weight. Because of the high flow performance parts for injection molding thinner, while reducing their need to let the gate of the process becomes easier.
    In the field of automobile headlamps, Ultradur ? B4560 (PBT) has a very prominent role. The aluminum material can be directly, without priming steps, thus reduce the number of manufacturing process steps and cost savings. The resin surface are very high quality gloss customers get the praise. In addition, PBT has low processing contamination. Good liquidity can shorten the production cycle, and can manufacture more complex components.

    Plastics also make cars safer. "Bumper lower bumper" to prove this point. The bumper reinforcement of the lower bumper, if the car hit the pedestrians, prevent him from being involved in this branch of the vehicle, and vehicle involved in the damage more serious than Zhuangfei.

    The components associated with the impact of effective design can only be accurately simulate the crash behavior of the premise can be achieved. BASF's Ultramid ? CR series is a polyamide material optimized for the relevant parts and collision, and the integration in BASF developed simulation software to accurately simulate crash behavior.

    Regal Shanghai GM's new cars in China first introduced the components. BASF has a technical center in Shanghai, the center's engineers work closely with customers to design and optimize new engineering plastic parts. We provide development support ranging from initial design stage to the testing and introduction of computer aided engineering phase of the components tested. BASF Shanghai Technical Center is a network of global and Asia as part of engineering plastics.

    Electrical and electronics industry is the goal of BASF engineering materials applications.

    BASF customers in this industry is facing major challenges include: environmental protection technology and bio-based materials.

    BASF has launched a new mechanical and electrical integration of a molded component. By direct laser engraving, track conductive material can be made directly on the UltramidT4381LDS the plastic carrier, the material is BASF specifically for this technology development is a high performance polyamide. In this process, the printed circuit board conductors engraved 3-D surface, thus completely without wires. The mechanical and electrical integration component improving the entire exposure steps, so the technology significantly enhance the effectiveness, which in an increasingly small part of the automotive and electronic engineering industry has great potential for application. Three-dimensional lead-free solder joints usually. Since the components to withstand the high temperature 245 ° C, the plastic raw materials need to have excellent heat resistance. Because of this streamlining of the conductor metallization process several key steps to make it more environmentally friendly.

    BASF used the new castor bean extract UltramidBalance sebacic acid, containing 63% renewable material. UltramidBalance is 6 / 10, polyamide, and polyamide 6, the performance is very close to its advantage is less absorbent. As a bio-based product, its price is higher than PA6. Some customers have expressed interest in this product, BASF and electronics, automotive industry, multiple application clients R & D projects now under way.
    The following examples may illustrate the BASF product line with government regulations. The European Union in 2008 enacted a new legislation for food contact materials.

    BASF engineering plastics product line in several grades specifically for food contact. New regulations aim to prevent contamination of food throughout the supply chain, to avoid harm to consumers. BASF may be issued to the customer certification provisions of the EU, which hopes to enter the European market for Chinese manufacturers is particularly important.

    BASF engineering plastics manufacturers because of its surface to meet the high quality requirements, are being more and more parts of the world's furniture manufacturers are used. Good design can help the manufacturer's products from competitors, which is BASF's customers are increasingly focused on the design of reasons. Designers focus on providing assistance for the plastics, BASF is fully engaged in plastic design. As an integral part of this idea, BASF plant in Germany established the design designfabrik ?, where both the original concept, product concept, or the color selection and tool design, industrial designers can consult on their projects Pakistan BASF plastic experts. In China, BASF is working with IKEA and other manufacturers to design office and home chairs.

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