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Transnational hardware procurement will "Jiangsu create" play a key role

    Jiangyan held in China (Jiangsu) International Sourcing hardware industry matchmaking set two records: one from more than 20 countries and regions, buyers, 40% was the second to Jiangsu, and second, growth of foreign participants more than 20%.

    The MSS have more than 1,000 exhibitors, 2,000 booths, booster cables exhibits cover the valve standard parts, mechanical and electrical machine, the volume of cutting tools, bearings, gears, abrasive abrasive, power tools, lamps, battery clip cables, etc. more than 25 million.

    Mr. Dishi Garville president of International Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, he led by more than 20 Chamber members participated in the composition of the purchasing group will be taken in this year's cross. He said that although many also participated in before the other cities in China,tow rope a similar show, but this time he felt was one of the biggest gains. Garville said that now, many members have purchased a lot of samples in the exhibition hall, which, welding machine, welding, drilling machines, labor supplies, ratchet tie dowm as well as screw and nut, electrical switches and other products are purchased they need. He said Sri Lanka will introduce more customers to purchase here. Mr. Gao Mushi businessmen also reached an Chint electrical supplier, won the Chint Electric agency in Sri Lanka.

    New products, high technology electronic products, and energy-saving machinery into matchmaking small hot spots.

    "Now, 80% of Colombia Hardware mechanical and electrical products from China." China Colombia Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Andreas said. Andreas is one of the organizers by the fair - Jiangsu CCPIT's invitation to attend the MSS will. Andreas said that although China Colombia far apart, China's product quality, price not expensive, very suitable for the Colombian market, consumer demand. Chamber of Commerce China Colombia has a membership of thousands of procurement, and where high product concentration can be achieved one-stop shopping, he is very willing to lead the members to Jiangsu to purchase machinery and equipment, hardware tools and other products.

    Analysts believe that a large number of multinational high-tech companies into enthusiasm to participate in this phenomenon of cross-mining will be of considerable importance. With the development of China and Jiangsu raise production levels, China's high-tech products to the international giant concern. This kind of low-power purchase value-added products, will also greatly enhance the procurement center in Jiangsu as well-known multinational companies.

    A "cross", which brought about the win. While organizing domestic and international buyers to purchase the other hand, people usually can not see through the exhibition to buy, not buy foreign trade commodities.

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