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Electrical Systems Past and Present


    Electrical engineering and automation industries tentacles, small as a switch design, large aircraft, aerospace research, has its presence. The professional electrical engineering students to engage with the system operation, automatic control,booster cables power electronics technology, information processing, testing technology, research and development, battery clip management, and application of electronic and computer technology work in the field is wide caliber "compound" Advanced engineering and technical personnel. High level of talent in the field of high demand.tow rope It is estimated that, with the entry of large foreign enterprises in the fields of expertise will be a big gap, then it may be talent shortage.

    Electrical Engineering and Automation is the electrical field of information a new subject, ratchet tie dowm but because people's daily lives and industrial production is closely related to the development of very fast, now relatively mature. Has become an important part of high-tech industry is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and other fields, in the national economy is playing an increasingly important role.

    Control theory and electrical network theory is a professional electrical engineering and automation based on power electronics technology, computer technology is its main technical means, but also includes a system analysis, system design, system development and system management and decision-making research. There are some characteristics of the profession, that is, combining the strength of electric, electric and electronic technology, software and hardware combination, with a cross-disciplinary nature, power, electronics, control, computer multi-disciplinary, so that graduates with a strong ability to adapt is "wide caliber" professional.

    Electrical Engineering and Automation is the science, engineering, the combination of financial engineering, art and computer design in one of the new cross-disciplinary expertise. Main disciplines including electrical engineering, computer science and technology, control science and engineering.

    The professional produced in 70 years, first at Oxford University in England, for the first time is the direct current control mode, when the implementation of components of the drive voltage is a DC control voltage is DC, the automated system works is very simple rough accuracy is very low. But the DC control long because of its history was known, people naturally think of communication with the DC to control the actuator. With the transistor, power transistor, FET high-power electronic devices such as the emergence and maturity, and the establishment of the presence of the theory, modern mathematics, matrix algebra for the theoretical basis of the weak strong electrical control systems and automation electronics more so reach a new historical high. Thus, the professional development has been widely, Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries have also established the University of the professional, the results also in this period, and many, such as the completion of CNC machine tools, automatic control of the factory workshop has been is a new topic. Electronic technology and automation, the organic integration of the computer, electronic engineering and automation expertise to give a whole new meaning. Unmanned, the system simplified, reasonable structure, plug and play product to become a new favorite.

    Early (1949-1966) established in many universities in China this specialty, main practice teaching links include the experimental circuit and electronics technology, electronics technology training, curriculum design metalworking, production internships, graduate design, and has trained many of the talents. They have become experts based industries, located in many of our provinces, cities and become the backbone of the force.

    "Cultural Revolution" period, due to political influence, the country's institutions of higher learning have to stop recruitment, the professional has been a great influence, first teacher was denounced, then simply do not go on the school, only to stop enrollment. But even so, many teachers did not stop the research. They know that electrical engineering and automation modernization of China's important role to play, therefore, during this period and did not give up on professional research and exploration.

    After reform and opening up, under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the University resumed recruitment, the professional has developed, many universities set up in this profession, and after another enrollment each year and trained a large number of advanced composite-based personnel, including the bachelor, Dr. intellectuals, especially the present, the professional enrollment, the enrollment capacity of the profession is rising.

    Although the development of our country in this regard has not stood in the forefront of the world, but with China's overall national strength, the increase in foreign exchanges, we have gradually narrowed the gap with the developed countries. Representative is: 300 000 000 000 times per second computer was developed; nano-technology to master; simulation technology. The problem can not be ignored in front of us: how to meet the challenges of the new technological revolution? Through the professional efforts of teachers and students, the professional development of electrical engineering and automation open, divided into the "Proceedings" and "Electronic and Information Engineering", covering the original "insulation technology", "Electrical Insulation and cable "" electrical appliances and its control "," Electrical Engineering and Automation "," application of electronic technology "and" light and lighting, "and several other professional direction. With "High Voltage and Insulation Technology", "Electric Machines and Electric", "Power Electronics and Electric Power Transmission" and "electrical theory and new technology", "High Voltage and Insulation Technology" doctorate direction. And industrial product design, based on application of computer modeling, design, implementation, the structure of industrial products, properties, processing, shape and other design and optimization. The professional training needed to adapt to society, both artistically solid foundation of science and technology innovation and technical personnel, senior complex. The professional emphasis on cultivating students foreign languages, computer applications, product modeling, design and other practical work capacity, graphic design, three-dimensional design, product design, comprehensive intelligence. The graduates can be engaged in industrial product design, computer applications, visual communication design, environmental design, creative advertising, corporate image planning and other sectors of education, scientific research, production, development and management. Include circuit theory, electronic technology, electric machinery, power electronics, electric drive and control, computer technology (language, software infrastructure, hardware based, microcontroller, etc.), signals and systems, control theory and so on. High school is also of the community need to learn flexibility, adaptability, wide coverage of specialized courses and elective courses. But also the motor and the control experiment, experimental electronic engineering systems, power electronics experiments.
    All along, China in the CIMS, automatic control, robotics products, application specific integrated circuit, etc., has made substantial progress. For example: "Computer-based CAPP integrated environment and development platform application framework" was developed to process knowledge base as the core, an interactive design model-based integrated intelligent CAPP development platform and application framework (CAPPFramework), launch of gold leaf CAPP, CAPP and other products with the party. With the support process modeling and dynamic knowledge of knowledge acquisition, various types of process design and information management, product technology information sharing, support feature-based innovation into the process decision-making functions, and provide process knowledge management, process card format applications such as the definition of support tools and secondary development tools. Open system, and easy expansion and maintenance. Products in the country's enterprises, especially enterprises CIMS demonstration project to promote the application, also developed automatic control devices and products, infrared photoelectric safety protection device, high power, high-quality switching power supply development. Products include mobile gantry robot automatic spraying machine, electric spraying robot, flexible profiling automatic spraying machine, reciprocating spray machines, automatic coating robot, robot frame, handling robots, welding robot development. Development and application of these products are only electrical engineering and automation in the production of a side, does not adequately reflect the whole picture. The impact of the foreign advanced technology, from the technical aspects of a new round of restructuring. Situation is serious, but also full of opportunities.

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