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SPX acquired to further expand the Asia Pacific market car Boshi

    Buy car Boshi SPX Corporation, Asia-Pacific region will further expand its product line and enhance service capabilities.

    Shanghai, booster cables China, September 1, 2008 - SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) today announced that its automotive service business unit has completed a program of car Boshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen acquisitions.battery clip Car Boshi is a company located in Shenzhen, China auto diagnostic tools and equipment manufacturers, the rapid growth of China's vehicle maintenance and repair markets.

    SPX automotive service program operations Wei Kin Sen President of Asia Pacific, tow rope said: "This investment demonstrates our strategy to accelerate the global market, particularly the development of the Chinese market and further expand business determination. ratchet tie dowm We will rely on the good car Boshi to expand our brand in China and throughout the Asia Pacific region aftermarket business. We are very pleased to see the car Boshi's leadership team will continue to work together with us. "

    "Car Boshi series of products complements our existing product line, broadening the coverage of our sales channels, and accelerate our global R & D team developing the next generation of automotive diagnostic tools provide a good opportunity." Wei Jian Sen added.

    "We SPX cooperation in this transaction very happy." Car Boshi, Mr. Wen Shubin, former chairman of the board said, "I am pleased to see that the car Boshi by the company I founded in the rich SPX talented management team, led by further development, and my staff will receive a solid career development opportunities. "

    "Therefore my team can achieve their automotive service programs in the region become a preferred supplier of vision." Said Mr Wen added that he had agreed to act as a consultant for LANDesk.

    The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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