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« SPX acquired to further expand the Asia Pacific market car BoshiElectrical equipment industry is still expected to grow 20% this year »

SPX was named the most admired U.S. companies

    SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) announced that its companies in the "Fortune" magazine "Most Admired Company" list in 2008 on the list. booster cables This year's list companies in innovation, leadership and financial aspects of doing well.

    SPX packet in the electronics industry ranked fifth, with a total of 6.33 points in General Electric, Emerson, Sony and Siemens followed.battery clip "Fortune" magazine site is currently a complete list of companies. "Fortune" magazine in the March 10 release at all newsstands this "the most respected companies list."

    "We are honored to be able to by" Fortune "magazine as America's most respected companies, tow rope which for the SPX is a great achievement, we can see that our efforts have won recognition of our peers," SPX chairman, president and CEO ChristopherJ.Kearney said, ratchet tie dowm "It is our 17,000 employees around the world work hard every day the results of their hard work is very gratifying."

    This year is the "Fortune" magazine launched the "America's most respected companies ranking" of the first 26 years, the ranking of the nation's most respected companies, including the top twenty, and in each industry selected the 10 most respected companies, is the global 622 companies in 65 industries over 3,700 staff conducted a survey of these short-listed companies are a recognized leader in the industry.

    SPX Corporation (SPX) is a Fortune 500 multi-industry manufacturing leader. Engineering companies to provide highly specialized solutions to help customers address key issues.

    SPX Corporation is committed to the development of global infrastructure solutions, especially to meet the growing energy demand worldwide as a strategic focus. Company's innovative, environmentally friendly products include: various types of power plants for the global cooling system; for the oil and gas, refining, and transportation markets for a variety of custom process control of fluid pumps, valves, and hybrid systems; for vehicle maintenance and repair handheld diagnostic tools; for the utilities to provide transformer substation and transmission unit.

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