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Electrical equipment industry is still expected to grow 20% this year

    This year is the electrical industry, the development process very unusual year, facing rare development opportunities and great challenges and tests. booster cables Experts predict that through the efforts of electrical equipment industry will continue to achieve steady and rapid growth, annual growth is expected to reach 20%.

    Latest statistics show that high growth in consecutive years,battery clip based on the electrical equipment industry in 2009 will continue to achieve steady and rapid growth, production, sales and profits and other major economic indicators is expected to grow by 20%. However, the global financial crisis and economic slowdown caused bytow rope the downward trend even when the change is difficult to predict many uncertainties, ratchet tie dowm so the situation is not optimistic.

    Opportunity ---

    Expansion of domestic demand growth in the national implementation of a series of principles and policies, to the electrical industry to bring a rare opportunity for development, to promote steady and rapid economic development in the ten measures, the railway construction, housing, rural construction, and urban and rural power grids project and so involved in the electrical equipment industry, the industry come in handy.

    According to the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association statistics, at present, Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric, Harbin Electric power generation equipment manufacturing base of three orders in hand, about 1 million kilowatts; power transmission equipment industry has so far remained more than 20% increase. At the same time, electrical equipment industry in 2008 achieved good operating results, these factors in promoting the industry in 2009 to achieve steady and rapid growth have a positive effect.

    Performance ---

    Electrical industry in the international financial crisis caused the international market is shrinking, especially Europe and the United substantial decrease in the market demand, the 2008 still maintained a 25% growth.

    Statistics show that industrial output value last year, electrical industry, industrial sales output value, and the main business income and other economic indicators have exceeded the total size of "2 trillion" is close to the "2.5 trillion yuan," a new high point. Among them, the power generation equipment, and again after 2007, following the annual output over 130 million kilowatts, 133 million kilowatts, to create the world's power generation equipment manufacturers in the history of a miracle.

    1.98 million based on the electrical industry, a survey of enterprises above designated size: 2008 industrial output value (current prices) and the industrial sales output value of 2.493374 trillion yuan, respectively, and 2.420614 trillion yuan, an increase of 26% and 24.99%, maintaining a rapid growth; product sales rate of 97.08% and sales to production well; quality of economic operation has been raised, economic growth significantly; after years of introduction, digestion, absorption, and increased the capacity of independent innovation, new product output continued in recent years The high growth momentum; product structure adjustment made a breakthrough in power generation, power transmission equipment manufacturing representatives, industry, the overall strength significantly increased; rapid coordinated development of import and export trade, the trade surplus continued to increase.

    Problems ---

    First three quarters of last year, the overall electrical industry maintained steady and rapid growth, economic efficiency and operation of good quality, but the third quarter, the global financial turmoil on the electrical equipment industry is becoming more evident.

    First, industrial output value, industrial sales output value of the cumulative growth rate decreased month by month. Although in the early stages of the affected, the biggest monthly drop the chain is only more than 1 percentage point, but the end of last year, the accumulated growth rate of industrial output value of 30.92% from 6 down to the end of 26.00%, industrial sales output value of 31.88% from the end of the month down 5 to 24.99%, respectively, 4.92 and decreased 6.89 percentage points. In particular the main business income of the industry growth rate of 11 to 5 at the end of the end of the 5.64 percentage points lower, the growth rate continues to decline month by month over the same period in previous years compared to the situation of sustained high growth, forming a strong contrast.

    Second, the growth of total profits decline, the industry economic decline.
    1 November last year the total profit growth rate, for example, the growth rate over the previous year index plunged 12.65 points.
    Problem ---

    Financial crisis on export-oriented enterprises showed that the effect and its impact in the first half of 2009 will be aggravated. Industry survey: foreign trade of electrical equipment industry in general has been greatly affected, mainly in two aspects, first, reduced orders, corporate sales decline; Second, the euro, the dollar exchange rate change is too large, difficult to predict market movements.

    Power tools industry: all products of export products accounted for more than 90% of electric tool industry, for example, production and operation of the fourth quarter of 2008, and export volume is not the situation, and the first three quarters, some companies have more than 35% decline, and some companies decline up to 45%. Overall, 2008 electric tool industry production, sales and sales down 30% compared to 2007.

    General low-voltage electrical industry: by Europe, the United States, Japan economic downturn and appreciation of the renminbi, euro and other factors, significantly affected exports, many companies export volume decreased by 10% to 30%, or even individual enterprises decreased by 40%.

    Carbon industry: Last year, export sales declined in 2007 compared to 80% over the same period, domestic sales decreased by 30%. As domestic and international market demand falling sharply, so that difficult to carry out production and business activities.

    Protection industry: exports severely affected, with a backbone enterprise, for example, from 1 October last year, sales dropped more than 65% a year earlier, exports to all terms, sales fell 55%.

    Internal combustion power generation equipment industry: South China, Chongqing, China and East China in the number of producing 10 kilowatts of small power generating units of the enterprise, the rapid decline of export orders, rapid decline in sales, has decreased by 30% to 50%.

    Small motors, fractional horsepower motors, micro motors and wire and cable industry: consensus reflects the impact of the global financial crisis has greatly the export business.

    Measures ---

    Electrical equipment industry in the current complex situation to ensure stable and rapid development to continue to achieve mission objectives in 2009, made a lot of responses and recommendations:

    First, we must fully ensure the smooth development of export business, to ensure that traditional products in the international market share, dropped sharply to curb the phenomenon.

    On the one hand a number of measures, to secure the traditional products in international market share, to "patch of land to prevent, couch dispute every inch." Meanwhile, we hope the relevant state departments to further intensify policy support and encourage enterprises to export. Suggested that the state lead-acid batteries properly restored the export tax rebate and processing trade directory from the abolition of prohibition; further improve the power tools (including garden tools and stationary power tools) the export tax rebate rate and to power tools and parts of the export tax rebate rate of machine the same.

    On the other hand to guide enterprises to further develop the emerging markets, in particular, to focus on China has signed free trade agreements and regional market development, to make up Europe and America are losing market share. At the same time, guide enterprises to adjust product structure, hard skills. Should not only high quality and high-tech market has been consolidating the traditional products, but also to use high-quality and high-tech new products open up new markets. Wants the state to the high-tech exports to give more concessions, for the industry stronger export-oriented enterprises to give more policy support.

    The second is to expand domestic demand and maintain the process of rapid economic growth in the implementation of proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policies, suggest that the state enterprises focused on the advantages of preferential policies.

    The advantages of business is the backbone of the industry, the strength of these companies rise and fall of the whole industry can not only affect the healthy development of industries related to national security, but these advantages to stimulate domestic demand and national companies and more projects are closely related.
    Therefore, suggested that the state in expanding domestic demand and maintain rapid economic growth during the "4 trillion yuan" into the direction and specific projects, focusing on the electrical industry, giving enterprises the advantage of preferential policies to avoid the "spread black pepper" phenomenon.
    Third, important raw materials suggest that the Government authorities to establish an early warning system of fuel price volatility. The international financial crisis, the international crude oil as a typical representative, as the representative of the domestic Zeyi copper price volatility, magnitude of the startling.

    It reflects, raw materials, fuel price fluctuations sustained and healthy development of the manufacturing sector is very bad, many companies huge losses. Therefore recommended that the relevant government departments to establish an important raw material fluctuations in fuel prices early warning mechanism, the important raw materials, fuel price fluctuations to make the necessary monitoring, analysis and forecasting, and timely release relevant information in order to avoid significant loss of business. In addition, the proposed state in the copper, aluminum and other important metal reserves of raw materials, lower prices to increase efforts to fluctuations in market prices when necessary control.

    Fourth, to rectify and standardize market order, clean up the market environment. Both the financial crisis caused a great impact on the real economy and challenges, but also the restructuring of the real economy a rare opportunity. Seize, take advantage of this opportunity, on the industrial structure, product structure adjustment, consolidation, standardization, and improve the market order, the establishment of fair competition, and orderly development of the market rules, clean up the market environment provide favorable conditions and appropriate timing.

    At the same time, suggested that use of the current favorable conditions for the relevant departments to effectively grasp the opportunity to crack down on counterfeiting in the strict stop the low prices, the in improving the market access threshold, low-level redundant construction management and strictly control the over-competitive industry, new enterprises approval, the full role of the government's regulatory functions, to take stronger measures to regulate the market order, clean up the market environment. Facing the new situation, to give full play to the role of industry associations, the real work of the government's strong support.

    Fifth, take measures to ensure the healthy development of national industry and industrial safety. The current adverse international market shrunk dramatically and the situation suggested that the Government departments concerned to take necessary measures to protect national industry development. Of foreign-funded enterprises to enter the domestic market (particularly those serious excess capacity and no significant technical advantages foreign industries) to control and promote the healthy development of national industry.

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