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Import NEC RFID ANA Aircraft Maintenance Tool Management System

    All Nippon Airways Co. (ANA) and NEC Corporation (NEC) today announced that, ANA NEC into the use of advanced automatic identification technology RFID UHF radio frequency tool constructed out of aircraft maintenance management system LEVETSYSTEM, booster cables and was Haneda Airport and Narita Airport into operation .

    The system is used for the maintenance personnel on the plane a total of 16 ─ ─ group of about 2,400 wireless transmitters, battery clip flash and other maintenance tools, manuals, vehicle maintenance staff, brand-name keys and the installation of UHF radio frequency RFID tags, tow rope the use of gate-type The RFID tag reader to read the information on this way, you can automatically keep track of what people had taken out or returned to what items. Through this technology, ratchet tie dowm to further improve the accuracy of maintenance tools to manage, but also shorten the time required for the management, improve management efficiency.

    Developed under the ANA "ANA Group Safety Concept", how the aircraft for maintenance personnel in the maintenance of tools used, correctly and quickly make these tools, access control, is directly related to aircraft flight safety. ANA NECRFIDSolution system used in the import, not only thorough maintenance tools of management, but also set up so that maintenance personnel from the body to concentrate on the maintenance of the operating environment.

    NEC selected shape and size suitable for use in a variety of labels repair tools, while using complex labels can be read long time, the advantages of UHF RFID frequency band to play to the limit of the gate automatic identification system. In constructing this system, by professional engineers proficient in RFID to create a support system, and provide verification, application construction, to the stable operation of consistent support services, and use NECRFID Innovation Center (InnovationCenter), in an environment similar to the actual site in repeated tests sensor read action, made a number of parties based on experimental data, Eucalyptus.

    ANA will continue to actively use the future advanced information technology and promote the reform of business processes, in addition to Haneda and Narita airport, and consider the future expansion of this system to other airports.

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