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Analysis of the Japanese market demand for tools

        First, the tool continues to grow.
        With the economic boom of the expansion of manufacturing facilities in Japan starting rate remains high.booster cables In this context, in 2005 Japan's machine tool production with the amount of increase over the previous year 15.7% achieved double-digit growth for two consecutive years.
       Since 2003 the economy expanded tendency will continue in 2006,battery clip manufacturing production is still good, it is expected that the demand for machine tools will remain at high levels. Environment of strong demand in the various tool manufacturers,tow rope in order to further improve customer service quality and expanding demand, is effort to develop high efficiency,ratchet tie dowm multi-functional, tool for environmental protection products.
        Tool needs to continue to expand in 2006.
        Machine tools in 2005 with a production value increase of 15.7% over the previous year, amounting to 453.355 billion yen. This reflects not only in Japan but also overseas production expanded with the surge in demand for automotive related industries as well as mold, digital home appliances such as the recovery of the economy throughout the industry, the market dynamic. Production accounted for 55.9% of the super-hard tool cutting tools increased 19.1% year on year, to 253.217 billion yen; special steel cutting tools increased by 15.5% year on year, to 102.478 billion yen; diamond tools increased 6.8% to 74.892 billion yen. In addition to diamond tools, but have reached double-digit growth.
        In 2006, the demand for machine tools for tool manufacturing active domestic and external demand remained high, it is still good. Environment of strong demand in the various tool manufacturers, in order to further improve customer service quality and expanding demand, is effort to develop new products and open up new sales.
        Tool in the production of machine tools accounted for 55.9% of the amount (in 2005) the superhard cutting tool, the super-hard blade over the previous year increased by 17.6%, an increase of 35.2% super-hard drill, super mills increased by 37.9% reached double-digit growth, maintain a good momentum. Superhard cutting tool industry since the "bubble economy" collapsed, has been the scale of the needs of more than 200 billion yen as the economy is good, but lower than the 200 billion yen are considered recession. Between 1992 and 2005, more than 200 billion yen in 5 times, and less than 2000 billion yen in 9 times, but now the economy was the top points of disagreement in the ranks. Superhard tool exports in 2005 went very smoothly, from the previous year by 17.8% to 68.3 billion yen, especially in Southeast Asia, mainly in China's high growth in exports, the export ratio was 23.3%, a record high.
        Features a variety of tools, rapid response program.
        As a major customer of the machine tool industry, the high speed high precision, multi-axis multi-functional technology development and adaptation to environmental progress is being made, along with the development tools are also required to adapt to such technological advances. As a result, started to adapt to high-speed milling, multi-functional, the diameter of the small to meet the dry machining of other issues involving the development of many aspects of the tool.
        With the machine high rigidity, high speed high precision, CBN (cubic boron nitride) and diamond tools as high-speed, high performance, high accuracy machining an indispensable tool.
        In hardened steel, sintered iron alloy and other areas difficult to cut materials processing, the pursuit of high-speed, high efficiency, high precision and long life of CBN cutting tools of new products and new materials development competition is in full swing. Sintered ceramic tools with metal alloys can also be processed, with the use of the material increase in the proportion has evolved into a more rigid, more robust and more difficult to process materials. Moreover, since part of the complex shape and dimensional accuracy of the increasingly high demand, CBN tools are increasing the scope of application. For example, there are such products: a variety of material properties and for many shapes of sintered alloy, will be handling some of the tool tip shape of a standard inventory, from high-precision machining of high strength materials to the strong off process for all the sintered alloy material can be implemented fast and efficient processing.
        On the other hand, is not impressive diamond tool materials, surface, and the reamer cutter brazing and other new products, but the replaceable blade knives and cutters, and other new products. Recently, in order to adapt to the popularity of high-speed machine tools, on the market of small lightweight tools and milling cutter.
        Now start selling on the market for a major die rough, chip emission of more than 10 times the traditional cutter blades interchangeable tool. Mold has always been a free-form surface machining using ball-end cutter, but the ball the blade is not only easy to calculate the trajectory of the tool on the free surface, and there are many shortcomings, such as the ball tip of the cutting chisel edge of the poor, feed rate and residue will affect the machined surface quality, and to improve the machined surface, the length of the cutting tool will become great and so on. As a solution to these problems, RC increasing use of end mills.
        High wear resistance, high heat resistance and high strength and toughness.
        To meet the high-speed milling, requires tools with high wear resistance, high heat resistance and high strength and toughness. As a result, ultrafine particles in the matrix composite multilayer coating is applied to improve the function of super-hard cutting mills and other products continues to grow.
        Super-hard alloy ultrafine particles is the particle size particle of the material to lμm less bending ability to increase and improve the toughness. Which also used a few nanometers (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter) of ultrafine particles. In the process, when a piece of small diameter or cutter diameter of hours, a limited number of difficult to achieve high-speed rotary cutting, because the traditional crack superhard cutting tool will occur. The super-hard alloy cutting tool as ultrafine particles with high toughness can be set to a large front blade to cut a good machined surface.
        Composite coating is to combine a variety of coating materials, layer by layer coated on the substrate to enhance the cutting tool. For example, to reduce friction with the chip, the outermost layer can be coated with titanium nitride coating; order to improve the resistance to adhesion and wear resistance of the rake face, the second layer of aluminum oxide coating can be used in order to improve former , flank wear resistance, and the third layer can be coated with titanium carbide.
        Multilayer coating on the tool surface, the hardness increased to enable the 2500 ~ 3000Hv, and significantly improved heat resistance, in 850 ~ 900 ℃ tool materials under high temperature oxidation does not occur, can still maintain the hardness. The coating is a multi-coated, so toughness, surface cracks occur is difficult to expand the tool to prevent chipping.
        Has been actually used for coating materials in addition to high-speed cutting steel titanium carbide and titanium nitride, there are diamond and CBN.
        Of course, the diamond coating in the cutting process due to temperature rise will be broken down into graphite, therefore not suitable for cutting carbon steel, aluminum and other light alloys typically used for high speed cutting of materials.
        To reduce the environmental load and use new technologies.
        Coating of metallic materials to prevent deterioration and wear of metals, this also emerged as a new technology development opportunities.
        Forming technology have made the freedom to create various shapes of the tool, which also helps to improve tool performance. In improving the design of the tool shape, there is strong development of 4-blade cutter, this tool to improve the material, increasing the chip per tooth, improving the processing efficiency, than traditional efficiency of the 2 blade cutter increased by 4 times. To reduce mold and other parts of the high-precision finishing time, is developing a new type of tool shape design are: the cutting edge and open to the tool wear in order to achieve a good surface for processing mills, ball end cutter blade shape to oval-shaped pieces to increase the contact surface of elliptical processing mills and so on. In addition, by raising the blade, the head of the clamping device accuracy and strength and to reduce runout error processing tools such as high grade.
        In addition to improving the basic tool wear and heat resistance than, for environmental considerations, suitable for dry cutting tool development is also very active. Do not use the dry cutting coolant, thus requiring the tool has lubricating properties of the workpiece. Corresponding ecological and environmental protection technology as recommended by compressed air to trace cutting oil spray to achieve cooling lubrication MQL cutting, and other new technologies to reduce environmental load. For example, after coating the AlCrSiN may not use any oil for up to 80m/min cutting speed Dry Cutting of AT coated high speed steel end mills are put into the market.
        As the use of a machine tool can be completed the same number of machining processes, cutting tool industry is also developing a tool can be used trench, side, holes and other processing of multi-functional tool, reducing tool change time and thus achieve no need to bring high-precision tool presetting and high efficiency.
        Second, to build support for manufacturing quality assurance system.
        Measuring instruments for building high-quality products and efficient manufacturing systems production environment plays an increasingly important role. As has been confirmed, and the demand for measuring instruments in recent years has increased significantly. Recently, in precision measurement, higher levels of precision machining and processing of such fine shape concern, test the accuracy of the machine itself has also been the development of various measurement techniques.
        Total quality management needs to expand the measuring instruments.
        Measuring instrument is used to detect the length, angle, shape, position and surface roughness of the mechanical, electrical electronic and optical precision instruments, specifically refers to micrometer, vernier caliper, gauge type, angle, flat, level meter, coordinate measuring machines, Roundness measuring instrument, surface roughness measuring instrument, digital scale and include the automatic measurement of it together, including a variety of sorting devices such as automatic test equipment measuring instruments for industrial use.
        As Japan's economy expanded, manufacturing equipment, raise the level of starting rate, steady growth in the production of measuring instruments.

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