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The application of powder coating areas and market analysis

    Powder coatings market is currently very wide range of applications ranging from automotive through to toys, pencils. In order to avoid the use of electrical equipment industry have also switched to using solvent paint powder coating.booster cables Powder coating is currently the most successful commercial application of the main market areas are as follows:

    Automotive industry.

    Because of economic,battery clip quality and environmental reasons, the application of powder coatings in the automotive industry is growing.

    Powder coatings in the automotive industry for bonding the two external primers,tow rope also known as "the first two mixed primer", also used as part of the coating hood. Lincoln, Chevrolet, Daimler. Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, ratchet tie dowm Dodge, Jeep and other models are used as powder coating bonding the two external primers.

    Transparent powder coating as a transparent alternative to solvent-based coatings, has been finishing for the automotive industry, such as tires. Some well-known European car manufacturers such as BMW and Volvo have a transparent coating applied powder coating to the exterior automotive parts primer.

    Those who require special protection both at the same time requires a certain decorative parts such as tires, wheel covers, driver handles, radiators, decorative accessories, buffers, shock absorbers, frame, oil filter, engine blocks, batteries group housing, coil spring, also to use more powder coating finish.

    Electrical industry.

    Electric thermosetting powder coatings industry is the largest single market, accounting for all the powder coating 1 / 3 share of sales. Powder coatings widely used in the electrical industry because powder coating can also make the product both good looks, but also have the necessary wear resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to temperature cycling, and resistance to damage of the destruction of the device.

    Powder coating generally applied to the stove and refrigerator front panels and side panels, and cover the top of washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, dishwasher racks, freezer and microwave oven cavity. The original number of washing, drying equipment, the enamel on the application of powder coatings has also been replaced.

    Outdoor furniture, lawn and garden equipment.

    Outdoor furniture, farm equipment and lawn and garden equipment is one of the major markets powder coatings. Excellent durability and corrosion resistance of powder coatings for outdoor use makes the product ideal for painting.

    Powder coating applications such as agricultural tractors and farm implements. Powder coating in the entertainment market, widely used, such as golf clubs and cars, ski poles and ski binding material, snow vehicles, bicycles and fitness equipment. Domestic market, such as lawn mowers, Snow Plowing Machine, BBQ, yard furniture, gardening tools, pet birds, pot, pet cage and so on.

    Construction market.

    Since the powder coating outstanding durability, a wide range of rich colors, the construction market for the growing demand for powder coatings. In Europe, the powder coatings dominate the construction market; in North America, the construction industry is actively expanding the use of powder coatings.

    Cyanate triglyceride polyester and fluoropolymer powder coating powder coating powder coating makes the latest building with liquid coatings in durability, weather resistance, comparable to fade area. They can be used outdoor stadium seating and other outdoor occasions, such as those previously replaced easily understood as the degradation of the coating of UV radiation.

    Aluminum extrusion for the frame and other pieces of finishing powder coatings are generally used, such as walls, fixtures and modular furniture. Powder coatings are also widely used in highway and construction works, such as lamp posts, fences, signs, pole, fence and so on.

    Powder coating with PTFE additives can increase the lamp posts, lawn furniture, shopping trolleys and shelf wear-resistant.

    Transparent powder coatings are often used in many brass outer protective layer, such as door handles, hinges, handles, lamps, tube or pipe fittings. In some applications, many powder coating can replace chromium, copper plating.

    Electronic / electrical industry.

    In the electronics and electrical industry, powder coating is used as the outer protective products or parts. However, there is evaluation of powder coatings in the electronics and electrical industry in the other unique applications.

    In the cable industry, applied magnetic wires of copper and aluminum powder coating can greatly alleviate the environmental problems. In addition, powder coatings and the tenacity and durability is also conducive to the transformer and the normal operation of the motor windings.

    The production of electronic components using conductive and sometimes the discharge of powder coatings. The production of electronic components, testing and shipping process may generate static electricity, and these coatings can provide ESD protection.

    Non-metallic products market.

    General only the first application of powder coatings for metal surface finishing. However, with the powder coating technology, powder coating can lower the temperature of application and curing, and thus powder coatings market has expanded to a number of thermal substrates such as plastics and wood.

    Radiation curing technology (ultraviolet radiation or electron beam radiation) makes the applied powder coating heat sensitive substrates can be cured in 121 ° C the following. Currently people are working on a new powder coating formulations, making the powder coating can be cured in 100 ° C and the following quality and durability of the coating is not loss.

    Wood powder coating the surface of the rapid growth momentum. Due to low temperature requirements of the progress of powder coatings and uniform density of the progress of wood products, timber manufacturers and their customers are now able to use a large range of powder coating finishing their wood products. Household and office furniture, cabinets, children furniture, outdoor grill manufacturers such as Taiwan have discovered that powder coating can make their "high-intensity use" products in a longer period of time remains a new look.

    Powder coatings market in wood products is one of the biggest breakthroughs in engineering materials such as medium density fibreboard wood (MDF) to use them for. MDF due to the low porosity and uniform surface is ideal for powder coating. By infrared or ultraviolet radiation, supplemented by infrared or convection oven, MDF powder coating can be cured surface.

    Powder coating materials and coating process of the new advances will make the powder coating has a greater future market opportunities. These future trends in powder coating in the center for details.

    2001 Global thermoplastic powder coatings market over 900,000 tons, its value is about 36 billion euros. Among them, the European market accounted for 43%, 26% in Asia, North America 23%, the rest of a total of 8%. Market in the whole paint, powder coating's share is about 4% to 15% (with different countries and regions vary.)

    Although the annual growth rate of powder coatings in the last 20 years has been maintained at 15% -20% (with the different regions), in recent years, the annual growth rate within the powder coatings there is a significant decline. In Europe, the first time in 2001, powder coating has zero growth. In the past, the strong growth in powder coatings directly to the application of the technology in some other coating methods can be used as a substitute for the minimum cost are closely linked. It should be noted, powder coating advantages in environmental protection and economic benefits linked to end-users. This gives people the general feeling is: While powder coating technology is now not very mature, but the future of this technology there is great prospects for development.

    According to independent market research and expert analysis related industries in recent years the annual growth rate within the powder coating will remain at 4% -6%. This means that the powder coatings market will grow faster than conventional coatings. The following is a powder coatings market holding such an optimistic attitude for several reasons.

    1. In the near future to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds the mandatory implementation of relevant laws and regulations will be more strictly limited to the use of conventional liquid coatings.

    2. To the end user's bottom line, any increase efficiency and productivity trends of coating systems will receive their ages.

    3. Thanks to continuous research and development of powder coatings, powder coating performance has been improved and enhanced. However, the powder coating to achieve future success, is very important to constantly open new fields of application of powder coatings. To this end, people have been the powder coating raw materials and equipment research and development.

    In addition to powder coating gives the end user economic advantages, powder coatings outstanding performance and durability also been widely praised by users. People on the powder coating of all ages to such an extent: the powder coating industry recently introduced a logo to force consumers to seek the powder coating products, also contributed to the manufacture of powder coating manufacturers to their products.

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