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Sichuan Fire Corps: January of major fires did not occur

    Sichuan Fire Department notified on February 4, 1 month, 468 fires occurred in the province, dead 7 people and injuring three people,booster cables destroyed buildings 35,111 square meters, direct property loss of 277 million yuan, of major fire accidents did not occur.

    Careless use of fire, electrical and life is the main fire.battery clip Among them, 162 electrical fire, accounting for 34.6%; live fire with fire, careless 118, 25.2%; other causes accounted for 17.1% of fire. Point of view from the fire place, tow rope housing, transport, commercial premises majority.

    Although in 2009 the province is above the county level in 15 years the city fireworks ban in the first year, and the affected people are still flammable board room through the season, ratchet tie dowm but during the Spring Festival, the province worst hit counties in 39 fires four earthquakes overall decline in indicators, each board room settlements, tourism, scenic, places of no large mass of fire accidents, ban fireworks in cities above county level did not cause fire and killed one fire.

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