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Inside bull market strategy behind the expansion of Freescale

    Although you can not see her, but she has always been by your side.

    Early November 2008 at the Freescale Technology Forum held in Beijing (FTF), there is something to attract the attention of the participants: each participant is equipped with a SpotMePDA equipment. booster cables The wireless system has the communication, exchange business cards, radar, search, chat,battery clip messaging, scheduling and many other features.
    Functions such as radar can scan within 15 m around all the participants with Spotme more information, including photos, posts,tow rope where the company, and so on. Participants can use it to send messages to people of interest, exchange business cards and so on. Between meetings with engineers joke, said: "This is something long, you will not be single now."

    Freescale (Freescale) is headquartered in Austin, Texas, ratchet tie dowm as a global leader in semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets to design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors. Equipment and technology as a component supplier, Freescale is a typical "hidden champions" - hard for consumers to see the end consumer, "Freescale" shadow. However, this high-tech SpotMePDA well explained RichBeyer Freescale chairman and CEO of the company's description: "Although you can not see her, but she always with you."

    Freescale formerly Motorola Semiconductors, July 2004 to become independent of Freescale Semiconductor, is currently the world's largest semiconductor companies with more than 30 countries around the world and has design, research and development, manufacturing or sales operations in 2007 Total sales reached 5.7 billion.

    Through the embedded processor and auxiliary products, Freescale for the automotive, networking, wireless communications, industrial control and consumer electronics industries to provide complex and diverse semiconductor and software integration solutions, Freescale is the so-called "platform-level products." Freescale's existing over 10,000 worldwide end-customers, including the company's own sales force services to more than 100 well-known original equipment manufacturers, as well as network services through thousands of agents and other end customers.

    So maybe some of Freescale introduced too abstract, in fact, as RichBeyer said, Freescale fact, very close from us. Freescale is most closely related to daily life of large enterprises, the company's semiconductor shipments exceeded 17 billion mark, widely used in various brands of products: Motorola mobile phones, Sony Electronics, Whirlpool appliances Logitech keyboard and mouse, the United States Fitness cardiovascular and strength training equipment, Cisco routers, Bose stereo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Hyundai and General Motors, and so on.

    Freescale market leader in many areas, such as: automotive semiconductor market in the first place, the communications processor market in the first place, second place overall microcontroller market, digital signal processor market in second place , wireless phone radio microprocessor market ranked fourth.

    So to speak, as long as you use electronic equipment, then you'll probably enjoy the Freescale to bring you the convenience of high-tech.

    Maintain the "offensive" research and development momentum.

    Freescale invested over one billion U.S. dollars annually in research and development, product patents have been 5900. Rare even in the face of financial crisis, the Freescale remained very rich "offensive" research and development momentum.

    November 12, 2008, held in Munich, Germany 2008 International Exhibition of electronic components, Freescale and McLaren Electronic Systems (MES) announced a cooperation plan: from 2010 onwards, as the top motor sport development the next generation of kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) technology that enables smaller, lighter, more efficient hybrid system is expected to become a F1 car a reality.

    "McLaren Electronic Systems and the joint development of KERS project is at the forefront of automotive technology." Freescale EMEA vice president and general manager of sales and marketing SteveWainwright said, "As a leading automotive semiconductor supplier, Freescale MES can help in their pursuit of advanced powertrain control and energy-efficient systems to make achievements. Formula is the most exciting automotive technology and the most rapid test site. We will work to ensure cooperation with the MES technology developed rapidly into mainstream vehicles. "

    Just the previous week, Nov. 4, Freescale and leading global provider of display technology Samsung Electronics announced that they will cooperate to jointly enter the energy saving, environmental protection, emerging LED market. Freescale began in December 2007 to provide LED display technology to Samsung samples. September 2008, Freescale's power management integrated circuits in the standard combination of the introduction of the first LED backlight product. The white LED driver ICs, mainly used to control the TV and flat panel monitors the LED backlight. Since 2007, Samsung has successfully launched include active control of ultra-high contrast LED backlight technology, award-winning products.

    Freescale's vice president and analog / mixed-signal and power ArmanNaghavi general manager, said, "Freescale's LED backlight driving technology is the industry's smallest, most highly integrated solution. We work with Samsung on the breakthrough technology - LED backlight technology cooperation, which will help to vigorously promote further innovation and development of LCD market. "

    Freescale plans in 2009 to introduce more LED backlighting for LCD TV solutions. The company also plans further expansion in 2009, automotive, commercial and residential LED lighting market, these new applications market is expected to eventually replace the LCD TV market.

    In order to expand its R & D strength, April 30, 2008, Freescale's SigmaTel company completed the acquisition of the United States, amounting to about 1.1 billion in cash. SigmaTel to its analog intensive, mixed-signal technology, the advantages of using the highly integrated IC, thus establishing its presence in a wide range of consumer electronics markets, including portable media players, digital televisions and consumer audio devices such as the strong position of the field . SigmaTel's technology and talent will be combined with Freescale's Multimedia Applications Division, in its global engineering, marketing and sales departments.

    Many people wonder as the deepening financial crisis, Freescale is able to maintain its research and development of "offensive." In this regard, Freescale chairman and CEO RichBeyer2008 in November in Beijing, said in an interview: "cash flow into capital markets industry and can measure a technology company through the winter the most important indicators. Freescale is currently there are 1.3 billion of cash on hand, coupled with the company only recently successfully borrowing from banks $ 460,000,000, add up to 1.76 billion in cash, enough to pay for any large-scale investment in R & D work. "

    In China there is enough room for growth.

    When talking about the Chinese market, RichBeyer some excitement, said: "China is the world's fastest growing semiconductor market, very lucky, Freescale investment in China much earlier than other companies in the industry."

    In 1992, Freescale was first established in China, assembly and testing plant, and in 1999 established the first joint venture of the IC design center. The company is the first establishment in China of semiconductor design and manufacturing organization of U.S. companies. In the past two years, Freescale's main functions are the core business in China. Freescale is currently about 3,800 employees in China, including Tianjin, packaging and testing operation department, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, 4 R & D Center, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Chengdu five sales offices.

    Some analysts predict that by 2015 China will become the world's largest auto market. In 2007, China surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest after the United States car sales market. In addition, from China's network and telecommunications infrastructure projects, Freescale also saw significant revenue growth. In this area, Freescale's market share in the U.S. reached 50% penetration in the Chinese market is only 19%. In 2008, China surpassed the U.S. as the largest number of countries around the world online. RichBeyer that "19%" said  in China is large enough for growth.

    Freescale and the time for failing to enter China to relax its earlier market expansion in China's footsteps. Early November 2008, Freescale announced that it would join China's largest developer of specialty computer EVOC Group, in the power control area network to strengthen cooperation, to the Chinese power industry, pushing the core chip technology based on Freescale's latest products EVOC and solutions. Freescale will support the development of more EVOC PowerArchitecture processor technology-based new products, increase capacity for the efficiency of China's power industry to provide continuous power. According to reports, the cooperation is not limited to the power sector in the future will be extended to more industries.

    In 2008, Freescale's most compelling in China than the business practices of cooperation with Chery Automobile. April 28, Chery Automobile and Freescale announced plans to establish a joint automotive lab aimed at joint development of export markets in China and used on the next generation of cars Chery silicon, software and system-level solutions.

    Freescale and Chery, the two companies had been in the powertrain, engine control and other areas in-depth cooperation, in particular, is based on Freescale S12XE microcontroller (MCU), Chery EMS (engine management system) project made significant results. In addition, the two sides will also body electronics, powertrain, hybrid (HEV) and in-car entertainment electronics and other applications for a wide range of cooperative development. This involves a series of technical cooperation hope Freescale microcontroller (MCU) platform.

    "In the automotive electronics solutions, Freescale is an excellent partner for Chery." Chery vice president Lu Jianhui, said, "This partnership the two companies in the electronic structure and software development complement each other. Freescale through IC integration, semiconductor manufacturing and IC of good quality, Chery Automotive to enhance product development capabilities. "

    Chery and Freescale plans a large number of applications in various fields and carried out extensive cooperation. The two sides plan (including integration of third-party) to develop ECU (electronic control unit) hardware and low-level drivers, the top model of the software interface and tools, demonstration boards, in-vehicle networking solutions, body control modules, HEV control units and so on.

    The end of 2007, Freescale and leading rail electrical system of Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd. jointly set up a joint laboratory of microelectronics applications. Bilateral cooperation will involve the converter, control and diagnosis, safety monitoring, information and communications, power electronics and monitoring such as the six core technologies. Freescale is also actively strengthen the cooperation with local companies, so that they combine advantages of resources to explore win-win model.

    Communication network construction, industrial applications, consumer electronics and automotive electronics is on the national level to encourage the development of the 4 major areas of focus. "It surprised us, because they are the focus of Freescale plans to develop technology and products are identical." RichBeyer said Freescale has a great competitive advantage and have a vast customer base. "Therefore, we believe it will be very good development in China. China is the economic impact of Freescale against one of the main weapons."

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