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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

« The first half of 2010, machine tool, construction machinery and other profit doubledBASF developed a new high-strength flexible foam »

Plastic cover parts of automobile parts and huge development potential

    Automotive industry has become the most promising composite materials in the future one of the areas downstream.booster cables  At present, both developed and developing countries, battery clip engineering plastics have been widely used in cars, the vehicles involved in a commercial vehicle, passenger cars, construction vehicles,tow rope  agricultural vehicles, motor vehicles and recreational vehicles, motorcycles, ratchet tie dowm military vehicles and almost all vehicles.
    Application components involved in various parts of the car, it can be said from nose to tail, from exterior to interior decoration items, from door, window to the car cover everywhere.
    Cid Engineering Plastics Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in research and manufacture of composite materials known enterprises, has rich experience in plastic composite technology in the industry is the only from the mold design to plastic Yanfa manufacturing, then the color of the Yuan Liao full group. Kidd is currently the largest baby stroller, car parts, power tools, sports equipment, telecommunications, IT, lighting, household appliances supplier of engineering plastics.

    With technology innovation, excellence of quality aims, the company since its inception is committed to ISO9001, TS16949 Pinzhi assurance systems so as to have international first-class production equipment and testing equipment and the complete product development capabilities, listed companies Chanpinpinzhi Dadaoguoji of standard. Our products are certified by a number of authoritative (USA UL, environmental ROHS, FDA food safety certification, etc.).

    Kidd offers car accessories, including:

    1, nylon 6 or nylon 66 increased class, characterized by excellent mechanical strength, toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, high temperature 250 ℃, anti-chemicals;

    2, PC alloy, characterized by high rigidity, high impact resistance, bending resistance, dimensional stability, good toughness, heat resistance, solvent resistance, high mechanical strength;

    3, PC / PBT, the characteristics of chemical resistance, high rigidity, good electrical properties, high heat distortion, good fluidity and good formability;

    4, PP plus Glass \ Mineral fiber ultra-tough cold type, characterized by high liquidity, low temperature impact resistance, high rigidity;

    More material types for automotive oil filter housing, auto parts, auto gate panels, automotive components, car bumper, car panels.

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