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Yuyao manufacturing quality to go global

    January-November 2008, Yuyao Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine of the total exports of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, up 21.3%, including exports of electromechanical products totaled more than 1.2 billion,booster cables up 17.3%; agricultural exports to more than 4,000 million U.S. dollars, up growth of 68.56%. How Yuyao exports decline in global purchasing power of the "winter" battery clip to maintain high growth?

    Shi "visible hand."

    Stability of product quality and reliability is based on the world stage affect the main factors. Yuyao Bureau adhere to the "something",tow rope to guide enterprises to focus on "quality and efficiency" transition, do everything possible to create a "quality-oriented" atmosphere.

    The establishment of joint import and export product quality and safety. The establishment of specialized information collection, reporting system, through the website, e-mail, ratchet tie dowm "Information Bulletin" timely notification date of inspection and quarantine policies, directives and other foreign technology, guiding enterprises to deal with.

    Construction of the authority of the testing laboratories. Combined with the characteristics of industrial clustering, Yuyao Electrical Electrical Industry laboratory area full of "quality center", "Technology Center" and "training center" a platform. This year it ranks among the national key laboratories, testing new areas of energy efficiency of the lamp, the electromechanical exports accounted for 15% of area lighting to provide technical support. At present, laboratory testing of electrical capacity Yuyao covers household appliances, power tools, lamps, EMC, nine areas of energy efficiency, 79, covering the type of machinery and electronic products in Ningbo. Have become Rheinland TUV, PSTUV, Germany VDE, American UL, the Netherlands KEMA, BV, France and other internationally renowned certification body for local testing laboratories and services directly to receive points, business at home will be able to get the global recognition of the authority of the inspection report, eliminating the need for enterprises to Shanghai, Hangzhou, fatigue and inconvenience certification, more enterprises to save the cost of certification.

    Biography "basic."

    Enterprises are primarily responsible for product quality, product quality is the enterprise's own internal quality assurance capacity. To enhance the self-test self-control, Yuyao Bureau to explore the "regulated products" to "management company" changes, and actively promote the upgrading of enterprise's comprehensive strength.

    Carry out the "one to one" quality system help. To enhance the capacity of the new quality assurance business, the council work in the export of proficiency testing, on the one hand strictly to good first pass, on the other hand the concept of implementing the service, guide enterprises to establish and perfect quality assurance system has been completed this year, 24 companies authentication, helping enterprises to establish a quality assurance 3 system, helping 17 companies improved quality assurance system; into the enterprise experts to carry out "one to one" training for, such as a push to help competitive enterprises and stronger, which should Shunyu Gong has been requested for organized an orientation of the quality management training, combined with the company "were supporting strategy" to set training, an increase of the latest cutting-edge management theory, practical work to solve existing business problems and disputes over; be returned to strengthen the capacity of enterprises in technological gatekeeper, Yuyao electrical laboratories and companies signed a "cooperation agreement helping", from a technical, management and staff to provide targeted help.

    By the "blood" to "blood" to enhance staff training. In order to enhance corporate factory inspectors, inspectors and inspection staff of the technological level, the council organized lab engineer for the enterprise class, to make the training both to explain the latest standards have common failure case and made a deal with the corrective measures. On the basis of the theory face to face, breaking the old model, security technology in the small household electrical appliances, electrical inspection training in the company plant to increase the field operations assessment, requires corporate officers to practice the theoretical knowledge test used in factories, and then give full play to factory inspector in the product the important role of quality control to eliminate substandard products out of the factory gate. Since 2006, the council has for the corporate training inspectors, inspectors, inspection staff, quality management personnel and other technical personnel more than 2,500 people.

    Building "brand road."

    Brand is the best weapon to deal with low-profit era. Yuyao many companies have the same situation --- because profit margins are low, so no way investment; no investment, we had to establish its own brand. Export enterprises can only become an international brand, international brand OEM's "behind the scenes" factory. Take the brand strategy, has been a persistent Yuyao Bureau guide the direction of the enterprise.

    "Only by upgrading product quality level, the creation of autonomous international brands, high value-added products into the international market, is the way out." Yuyao Bureau is the case for enterprises to think, but to do so. Since 2006, Yuyao Bureau and export enterprises to build an interactive platform for the implementation of "1111" plan, that building a national key laboratory, providing strong technical support; helping Yuyao 10 brands to go abroad, to achieve the "export exemption from inspection "zero breakthrough; help 100 key export enterprises bigger and stronger; train 1,000 exporters inspection, testing, inspection and other key personnel to enhance the overall quality. More than two years, with remarkable results.

    2008 Yuyao Electrical Laboratory National Key Laboratory of success among the ranks, will further promote the laboratory to achieve a qualitative leap; Fidelity vacuum cleaners, SHUAIKANG water heaters, a large number of cotton export brand Blum stand firmly international market; 2007 Ningbo Great Wall Precision's steel tape become Tools industry's first "free export experience", also achieved Yuyao "free export inspection" breakthrough, and now, the "Great Wall" has deservedly become the hardware brand, this year, Ningbo Blue Industries Limited's steel tape measure also passed the inspection-free trial of Ningbo Bureau; through twinning assistance, "three combinations" model of reform, promotion of export capacity verification area more than 80% of the perfect quality management system; training business more than 2000 passengers. Now, take the road of the brand to become the consensus of Yuyao export enterprises, many foreign companies are planning to use the "winter" time, management, focus on technology, trying to make the product quality to high precision and advanced forward, recharge your batteries , regroup.

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